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Never Choose Your Friends as Your Entourage

It is a close race and Romney is leading in some areas. This should not be the case this early in the game. Suddenly Obama’s swagger isn’t buying him much political capital these days or hiding the pit tang dripping from his shirt either. Like Facebook, I think he’s peaked. He’s done, according to experts like Dick Morris author of Screwed. If you didn’t already know, Dick ranks up there as one belonging in the “always right” category and is typically unbiased in his revelations. He used to be a former Clinton advisor so he knows all about their dirty deeds and how they fit into the scheme of Obama’s political demise too.

The crystal clear vision that many trusted analysts like Dick see ahead is that Obama’s cronyism is going to bite him in the ass when he needs it least. It has already burned him several times, but he usually just throws whoever has been caught doing something crazy under the bus.  Fox News covers the roadkill for a while and then it’s over.

Recently though, the bad entourage choices are piling up and they’re gaining the attention of those who don’t even watch Fox News.  For example, one of his major supporters a Democratic Congressman by the name of Danny Davis, In the 112th Congress.  Representative Davis serves on Oversight and Government Reform Committee and is Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Health Care, District of Columbia, Census and the National Archives and serves on the Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, Postal, Labor. The Congressman also serves on the Homeland Security Committee where his subcommittee assignments are the Subcommittee on Transportation and the Subcommittee on Oversight. Congressman Davis is a member of several Congressional Caucuses including the Congressional Black Caucus, the Progressive Caucus, the Urban Caucus, the Community Health Center’s Caucus, and the Congressional Sugar Caucus.

He is a very busy dude.  He also happens to openly attend meetings with and receive kudos from the Communist Party USA. He was a keynote speaker at their event in February where he spoke out against the Tea Party organization. When asked about his involvement by a person who said he was a concerned citizen, not just a reporter, on camera Davis said flat-out “well, if you are just an ordinary citizen why would you be concerned about my involvement with the Communist Party?” Really? Who would say such things and risk boldly participating in the Communist organization, whilst still in the highest favor of Obama and the Democratic Party? Someone who has been promised a seat at the big Socialist table, that’s who. That is, if they can make it that far without getting caught doing f’d up things for the benefit of the left-wing socialist agenda.

Another example, on a much more serious scale, President Obama hired people like Tom Donilon. Yah, I think that’s his name. He is by nature a publicist or something like that, but Obama hired him as his National Security Advisor. You’d think not a good combo, right? I’m just sayin’. They think this is the guy that is leaking the classified information to make Obama look good. Makes sense right? An example of this is right after they killed Osama bin Laden someone leaked to the NY Times that it was Obama working close hand with Seal Team 6 that did it. A few months later the chopper carrying Seal Team 6 members was shot out of the sky. Then there’s the Pakistani doctor to Osama bin Laden who was promised asylum if he helped us get OBL. Not only did someone forget to pick his ass up with an armored helicopter, his name was somehow leaked to the NY Times.  Since then Pakistan has thrown him in a prison somewhere and sentenced him to 30 years. We can’t get him out. There’s also a Russian diplomat we used and is now in the same boat I think. All of this, according to the NY Times, came from someone very close to Obama in the White House. Obama had the gall to say “To think someone in MY Whitehouse would leak this type of information is just (ridiculous).” I forgot the word he used, but he’s about to eat it none the less.

Supposedly, they have started an investigation to find out who exactly the leak is so that they can throw him under the bus too but, unfortunately it doesn’t matter who the leak was. The leak was ordered by Obama’s mouth. That’s all you need to know about how much concern he has for National Security. They’ll probably draw that investigation out until they think it doesn’t matter to voters anymore just like they are doing with the “Fast and Furious” case.

If you don’t know about that one, Attorney Gen. Eric Holder is playing dumb in regards to a bunch of American guns being sold to Mexican cartels as part of a sting operation gone badly. According to officials, the guns were apparently not tracked correctly and told to be forgotten about by someone in the Obama Administration. Sure enough they ended up being the weapons used to murder an American investigator among others. Holder cannot explain where the documents he is supposed to give in accordance to the Senate’s subpoena are exactly. It’s ridiculous. So, they are about to file contempt charges on him, the first African-American Attorney General appointed by the one and only President Obama.

Further adding to his demise is the disintegration of the African-American support base. They began with the racism Pseudos I suspect the moment they realized African-Americans were starting to un-identify with the ultra-left wing policies of the administration. African-Americans tend to be Democrats, but they are not for the most part liberal. This has been a tricky dance for the Obama Administration all along, but I think their starting to stumble as they continue to concoct dividing issues.  The White House and anonymous supporters then not so discretely use the media to follow (over-expose) crimes against African-Americans only, and also tend to comment on crimes involving African-Americans.  This has left a familiar bad taste in REAL leaders of minority communities. They don’t like being used for political gain, because they are the ones that really get hurt. Stirring up race is a pointless and vicious method to use on the part of the Democratic strategists because it causes more unnecessary hate and distrust among the poorer, already struggling communities than they can handle. You think Obama gives a damn? They are so disappointed he is not elevating them, but instead using the black race as a political wildcard that they are flat-out not going to vote for him again.

Point in case… Michigan. Michigan, political Zion for the unions and solid Democratic blue policies is turning purple. Yes. Recently over half of those polled in Michigan says they will be voting Republican next year. This, even when Obama’s one claim to success is bailing out the American automobile industry. I believe it is a sign they know that he did not make them successful, they did. Yes he approved the money, but they went over and beyond to show that they could make a turn-around if only they were given the full on slot of resources they needed. (Money, they’d had in the beginning if they didn’t constantly give in to Union pressures.) Could Michigan be the poster child for real change?

And the icing on the cake, a couple of days ago Obama says this in regards to the economy: “The private sector is doing fine.” Then further “it’s the public sector that needs more help.” The first part apparently doesn’t include the part of the private sector that is all the American citizens that can’t find work. The second part just points out that he obviously wants to spend more money to create/replace more public sector/government jobs as best method to get the economy back on track. He is a one trick pony as Mary Katherine Ham said, and we’re all getting bored.

All this boils down to is the apparent separation between Obama’s supporters and those who really want the best for our country. Loyalty to any general base of race or gender is no longer the ace up Obama’s sleeve, as both former entities and individuals that see his goals for what they really are are moving right and taking their votes with them.


Use the Word Pseudos When Talking to a Liberal (If you have to.)

The hardest thing to deal with by far has been communicating with liberals. The forgiveness I’ve had has been drained and any reservations I had about feeding the fire fight between liberals and conservatives have been lifted. I just don’t know what to say anymore. My heart hurts. All in all, I’m thinking we should just give up on trying to do this whole communication thing, but for the moment let’s just pretend there is some “HOPE” left.

Since all of this really boils down to what you believe andhow willing you are to be honest about those beliefs, we might as well start stirring the vats. By now you have a pretty good idea what Pseudos might be. Let’s use the term itself, to call it out. It’s like pulling the “demon” out of a person who is spouting liberal antics they learned from the group. You can apply the word Pseudos to any person or entity that uses Pseudos. We should do this as often as possible. It’s better than calling liberals liars. That’s just not complicated enough for them. You’ll call, “Pseudos!” And they’ll say, “What?” Then you’ll explain, thus starting up a self-conscious conversation that is now based on the subject of being totally honest. What a novel idea.

I think it is essential to first understand the mentality of most of these people. I hate to generalize, but you know you can tell who they are. They are the ones who are most comfortable belonging to a group and are around groups of people as much as humanly possible. They are the iPhone gurus, the Facebook fanatical, and the people who twitter where they are and where they are going at all times.  The group, (not to mention the newest technical device they use) makes them feel important.

Ann Coulter has a new book coming out called Demonic which underlines the group “mob” type of behavior that occurs when these kinds of people put their minds together. She says the mob attributes of liberals mirror a crowd’s inability to perceive contradictions and its tendency to form an infatuation for an individual. (Usually, an underdog, which I discuss in other articles.) This is totally how pseudos becomes most effective. If a person cannot deal with contradictions within complicated subjects, they opt for the easiest of answers. Or I guess I should say fall for what looks like the right answer, and/or fall for the leaders who fit the bill. For example, what liberal Democrat did not truly believe that John Edward hung the moon during the Kerry/Edwards campaign? I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why people couldn’t see how he was scum of all scum deep down inside. His history, how he made his money, how he made suing doctors a sport, said it all. Why is that kind of person put on a pedestal, all major flaws ignored, and real people, with real accomplishments and complicated ideals do not “fit the bill.” For example, in the liberal’s mind, Sarah Palin cannot be a feminist or a good person because she is both a woman and a Republican. They believe the only woman leader is a feminist leader, number one. And to be a feminist, one must first be a liberal and second, be for abortion. There is no in-between. Never mind that if she had aborted her last child she would have been burned at the stake by both feminists for special needs children and the anti-abortionists.

There is also the weird irony that Sara Palin seemingly can’t be trusted by liberals even though thanks to liberal reporting we now know every last detail about her down to how many stitches she got in her chode after the last child birth, I think. Okay, hopefully not, but you get my drift. Is there anything in her past worth fussing about? I mean, at all? Obama has a fraction of the criticism as well as a fraction of the personal information available through the liberal media that Sara Palin does.

How is this possible? I’ll tell you. He is, with all due respect to the President of my country, not a complicated person. He is a puppet by all senses of the word. He fits the bill for the liberal group. He in no way, makes the powers of the liberal group feel inferior, because they believe he is inferior to them and will do their bidding at will. This is what the liberal agenda is all about. This is why the liberal media continues to root for the underdog and will continue to encourage the rewarding of the underdog even if they are not working to deserve the win. May I remind everyone that the whole point of rooting for an underdog is the romantic feeling you get at the end of the race because you knew they worked harder than anyone else to get where they wanted. Not so with Obama. Not so with Edwards. Not so with Weiner. Not so with Pelosi. Conservatives tend not to worship idols. They expect leaders to work like slaves just like the rest of us.

A liberal world community has formed a very strong presence in today’s society, mostly thanks to those in the Democratic Party who have realized the media is the way to control what the people think about them. Bill Clinton was the first to realize that dominating radio must be a collective goal of the Democratic Party. He realized this when he heard his mother in-law was listening to Rush Limbaugh without really knowing who he was. Since then, the many different genres of media have been saturated with liberals’ funding and liberal minded talent. If you think of us all as a block or as a closer knit community as far as the information we share goes, we can see how we are more reliant upon this technology and media. We look to others more readily to see what we should do for ourselves. Unfortunately, technology and media can’t help you make a common sense decision in a crunch; especially if they aren’t around anymore, right? They can’t help you see the truth for yourself if it was tattooed on your coffee steward’s forehead.

This country is a big bad-ass plane that we all need to board as we travel forward into an already turbulent and unknown future. Ann Coulter, among others, has put a magnifying glass up to our war plane’s engine block and she is exposing the seemingly invisible cracks. We may look like we could rule the sky, but when you really choose to look a little more closely you’ll see we are going to crash and burn if we ever have to take off. I completely agree with this type of uninhibited, unapologetic exposure and am ready for people to thus find that psychological weapons, like Pseudos work best among crowds with these mob-like behavioral/mental weaknesses. This kind of behavior is the exact opposite of the people who founded this country. Do you think Thomas Jefferson had a problem appreciating the in between of black and white? Do you think he ever had a thought that did not stem from the very depths of uncertainty?

If you let the group decide what you want, you’re basically saying you would let any one of them think for you. Unless, everyone in the group belongs to MENSA or something, I’m not willing to take that risk. Actually, in the groups I’m talking about, no one from MENSA is allowed, because any person smart enough to be in MENSA certainly would make others feel inferior and that is not what the group wants. The group wants to feel good about itself, regardless if those individuals in the group are feeling good. The group is stupid, ignorant, naïve and the superiors of the group like it that way!

In my book, the way you win the game of “real life” is to not go with what the group wants even as you get more and more popular the “group” or “mob” is rarely right. Just a warning, smart people, or those who think for themselves are usually negatively labeled right off the bat, most often as “nerds”, and excluded from the group. Maybe it could sometimes be because of personal hygiene but, usually it’s because they are too smart.

Pseudos is everywhere because mainly, a disturbing trend among the mob is to alsoexclude complicated truths. These truths may include basics about where we come from, where we are headed as a country, and what a family means. You know, basically anything that has anything and everything to do with Christianity and/or religion. These truths also include advice to women, as any advice given by a man or a woman who respects men, or a person who points out inherent differences between men and women is seen as sexist and certainly not feminist. These truths also include warnings against bad people. You don’t dare tell a young beautiful girl not to go to New York or L.A. to pursue her destiny. Never mind that she has no skills and that she’ll be willing to sell her soul for a place to stay and a bite to eat within a week. Never mind that there are actual slave traders alive and well, just waiting for the next desperate girl to fall into their clutches. Yes, let’s never mind that girls are vulnerable and need protection. There, I said it. They should not be given make-up and high heels at five years old. Are you listening Tom Cruise?  How about instead of printing logos on the butt cheeks of their little pants, why not just print a target? It’s getting easier and easier for people who hunt the innocent as they are but a figment of some paranoid parent’s imagination, right? Only the paranoid believe evil, accidents, and natural disasters actually happen in real life, right. Not just in the movies or in Twilight. For example, I have heard many a mother comment to other mothers about how their children should act when they encounter strangers. While they absolutely refuse to let their children ride the bus for fear of what kind of person may actually want to drive children to school every morning at the butt-crack of dawn, they say they tell their kids just because a strange person is technically a “stranger” it does not mean they are bad people and therefore the children should always act in a respectful/friendly manner towards them (the stranger) no matter what they look like. What ever happened to never, never talk to strangers?! “Hey mommy, that guy looks like a pedophile.” “Shhhh, Billy.” Mommy scowls. “Now go give that sweaty man a hug and say you’re sorry.”

We have chosen to decide for ourselves what kind of family we want, what kind of country we as individuals want, and exactly to what extent we are responsible for that. What we haven’t decided is, well, exactly how do we get that? How do we do that while still maintaining a respectful manner to everyone in the whole goddamn universe? We have lots of ideas that probably won’t work and won’t actually be executed anyway. In the meantime we do nothing in pursuit of those wants because we have something of a handicap when it comes to self-control and creating enough margin in our lives to buffer/survive in the stressful real world we conservatives like to call Earth. Most of us don’t know how to even recognize when we’re living on the edge until for many of us it’s too late. We don’t save anything. We don’t fix anything. We waste everything. Well, almost everything. We save and recycle garbage. My point is, we have found ourselves filled to the brim with information we are told is important. We do the things we are told are important, by people who want to be important themselves.

They rebel against the old, whether you are a man, woman or train of thought. Those old-school things don’t apply to us, now that we are more “advanced”. Old people just don’t understand anything do they? I don’t know. They are the only ones who know how to do some of the things that we once thought were important. If they’re gone who will teach us stuff? I don’t know, stuff like driving instead of typing on a miniature keyboard while your 3,000 lb. hybrid tries to make it to its next overdo oil change.

And all of these things that we do to keep our mind off such a troubled world leave little room for actually doing anything about the troubled world. I expect soon there will be an app. you can purchase from the App Store that will allow you to have your own personal jackass plan your every move. OR in a fitting piece of blasphemy they’ll invent a “What would Jesus do?” app. just to see if they could make an enormous, ironic stack of cheese off it. Sure they’ll take it off the market once thecontroversy wanes and profits begin to dwindle. Then what will you do.? When the jokes over, what is left, but a long awkward pause.

What’s left is a void of real social despair. No, I don’t mean like when Paris runs out of Valtrex or when P-Diddy can’t come up with a new name that rhymes with pee. I mean when people start getting hurt and the time for doing something to prevent it or even cure it has passed us by for good. It’s like the Nothing from the movie Then Never Ending Story sucking up and vaporizing every last particle of faith and imagination. Nothing is what is left and Pseudos is the prevailing falseness that fills the space. The Greek word Pseudos was a word understood and used in the first century for different types of deceptions. Specifically, using what the people believe to be the truth to communicate deception. Are we willing to work harder to find good leaders who will save us from ourselves? Are we willing to choose the hard way and complicated leaders with complicated (working) plans? No more rooting for the underdog because he makes us feel good about ourselves? Arewe really willing to do that?

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”. — Thomas Edison

The Kitchen Manifesto from the Not-So-Desperate Housewife

Housewives between the ages of 21 and 65 are on the top of marketers’ lists of people they would like to sell to. The fact that we outnumber men in our attractiveness to people who want contact with us makes us extremely powerful people, but possibly, very vulnerable. Because there are so many of us and because our strengths lie within or through our networking skills, our trends and choices can become all-out, fully-fledged civil movements. With more power and as leaders of our friends, families and community groups, we must work harder to learn what our parents didn’t know how to teach us. We must be more discerning in our situations and people we entrust our livelihoods with. In an ever increasingly hypocritically, politically correct world, that’s no easy chore.

There are circumstances that we will all experience at one point or another that we would rather avoid at all possible cost. We literally think we will die or would rather die than go through such things. We will beg. We will plead. We will futilely fight that burning swell in the back of our throats believing that if we don’t swallow, just maybe our tears won’t fall and the pain won’t come. From experience, I believe that these circumstances, mostly being the horrible ones, will propel you forward in your understanding of the true world around you. If you make it through them, that is. I see a lot of young people who have suffered emotionally some, sure, but have not really experienced that particular type of suffering caused only by adult-made decisions; where the stakes are much higher and where sometimes more than just hearts get broken. Right now, you’re thinking that’s a good thing, right?  I would have to disagree. Times may get too tough for us too quickly if we’re not carefully prepared.

With soldiers being just one exception, the average American woman my age (22-35) is thinking two things about what she wants in life. Where will I meet the man of my dreams and/or how can I make sure I never ever have to depend on a man. The average man my age is probably thinking…something… hopefully. It is the very first time in our lives when we are truly out on our own. There are no parents within miles and no spouses yet to check things with. Young men and women of today have a plethora of roads to choose from. Together they are intelligent and becoming more successful, more sensitive and compassionate to the environment and animals. Our technology allows us to really strive for goals our parents never thought possible. It allows us to depend on amazing machines, and I mean really depend on them, to do things we could never do by ourselves and reach for goals we now know are possible right this very moment not to mention the far future. The sights we are now set on in terms of what we can do as human beings seem to be limitless. That’s definitely an improvement over thinking innovation would have boundaries, but something is missing.  I believe we are “losing ourselves” too often in a pointless effort to be everything we think we need to be in order to feel wanted.

I’m not at all saying that modern technology is responsible for this, but I think it is undeniable that it parallels a shift in our cultural morality. We cannot ignore that the environment we are in affects us. What I’m trying to say is that I think a side effect of modernization may be us moving away from trust and faith in the uncomfortable unknown. Communications technology in particular, serves as a type of enabler to a shift in how we relate to each other and more importantly, we may be looking at an increase in the dependence on hurriedly manufactured information. That information comes from the media, television, movies, reality television, blogs, books, reality television. Did I already say that?

As a housewife at home during the day I see more things on television that are more shameful to watch than porn. All I see is more and more people that are dead set on being in control of what they want to get in this life. These people will never manage a McDonalds yet alone know what the duce is going on. If we followed their example, which luckily the majority of Americans are smart enough to laugh at and not do; we’d all be dead from a severe case of syphilis within a year. However, what most of us end up doing as every day individuals is certainly not enough planning. What about a plan to keep our integrity as a family and a country intact? Some really good people plan to just live and breathe every day. Work alone sometimes makes doing anything else an exhausting thought. After a while, they get so tired they plan to have no plan. Not much faith, no old fashioned rules, nothing but progressive thinking welcome. This is where I differ from the typical.

I have to explain my roots, don’t I? You need to know what makes my kind of patriotism uniquely suited for healing the cuts and blows our young adult-like country has taken in the past decade. Most of what is wrong with the state of our union today, what is wrong with America, my love, has everything to do with the state and environment we are in. Of course! This is why everyone’s idea of patriotism is different; because where the vine of patriotism is rooted, so comes the flavor of the wine. My wine is mildly dry, buttery, bursting with little fruity essences of peach and of vanilla. I am a housewife. I’m a not-so desperate housewife to be exact.

My experience has led me to be alone in many ways. Don’t be sad, I’m just getting to the good part. My self- imposed exile has given me a wonderful perspective that if you should so happen to understand, you would genuinely benefit from it. Also, I would appreciate it if you would pass on the message to your friends, because if you haven’t noticed, our America is changing for the worse. You can be in denial right now, I’ll talk about that later, but I think I speak for all self-appointed housewife representatives of our American family and I would like to propose an intervention. Although, I’m not even sure America would benefit from a 12-step program because pardon my French, she is really fucked up. I love you America, but you are really messed up. You need help.

It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that my ever renewing faith in the principles I have and the perspective I view the world from has everything to do with where I come from AND where I want to go. I was born not but a stone’s throw away from the San Jacinto battlefield actually, in Houston, Texas, on the 142nd anniversary of the day Texas won its independence from Mexico.

I moved to Austin, Texas when I began attending school at the University of Texas. Boy did that suck. Anyway. While contemplating a plan to get to the top of the clock tower with as many machine guns as I could carry, a very sweet and handsome man came along with a better idea. He married me; subsequently, confiscating all arms as a condition of our marriage. Fair enough. I was happy.

And you know what else? America was happy. America was so freaking happy. It was disgusting. Clinton was getting creative with cigars and we were all getting creative with money. America was riding a financial tidal wave and we weren’t planning on going broke…like ever. That sounds kind of funny in retrospect but believe me, I was on that wave and I’d never have thought we’d lose as much as we did after our country was attacked on 9-11. Before those towers fell we thought we were invincible. And why not? For example, this was Austin, Texas. Just one look around you and you wonder, this is Texas? Why is every third house a mansion? Why is every other car a BMW? Where are all these filthy rich people? All I see is a bunch of normal people. Wal-Mart people. When you realize the Wal-Mart people are the disgustingly rich mansion dwellers and there’s a transvestite hobo running for mayor, finally it all becomes clear. You’ve got to move here because at that point you know, anything is possible. As Red McCombs recently said to skeptics about the new Formula One track being built here, “Austin. It’s a place with a people.”

Exile may be a little bit of an exaggeration as I am not a recluse by any means. There aren’t many places around here that I don’t know at least one person by name. I can be an extrovert if I want to be, but the everyday me is pretty happy being alone. My favorite occupation is to sit back and observe.

At twenty-one I was a multi-millionaire, living in a mansion, driving expensive sports cars, eating at places like Jeffery’s, drinking rare wines, and above all, attending the college of my choice. That’s right. I was determined to get my college education no matter how much money I fell into. Another thing that was very important to me was my spirituality. Sounds pretty typical of a young woman searching to find her true self, I know, but there were medical problems that left me so scarred and scared that I would run out of time, I began paying much closer attention. Those two very important aspects of precious time and spirituality tied together were what I absolutely knew I wanted to understand more about in my life and like a map it led me. Knowing what I wanted and knowing that those goals were good and noble set me at what I thought in my heart was the right pace for the rest of my race. It didn’t matter to me in the least what everyone else was doing.

Of course I didn’t know that at the time. After a while of being happily married, I began to worry I wasn’t focused on what my other friends were focused on. Other than studying, we had no common goals in life. How weird am I not actively working on “finding myself”, I thought. Suddenly I felt I was taking myself too seriously. Life wasn’t about planning for a future you could never in a million years predict. Life was about living in the moment and figuring out who you were. Woh, there. I mean, I know knowing who you are is important and all, but did I really have to define who I was based on the spittle of experience I had had with life? How much of “me” could I really count on to be “me” and did I really want those parts about “me” to be permanent? I knew I didn’t want my bra size set in stone. That was for damn sure. Maybe I needed to get a whole bunch of tattoos to help me define me, permanently; just so I could stop changing my mind about it all the time. Floundering is for pussies!

I knew I wasn’t the money. I’ve never been money. I was too young and innocent (looking) to pass myself off as being a rich power bitch. At first I was disappointed about that. I can’t tell you how many times people came to my door to sell me something and asked if my mommy and daddy were home. I quickly realized prestige was totally overrated and was never going to be something that I, a fan of iron on t-shirts, pop-tarts and bean dip, ever displayed. In fact, now that I think about it I don’t think I buy anything that doesn’t have a little bit of a trashy flare. Note to self: don’t deny your inner W.T. Anyway, when I gave up trying to impress anyone and everyone, I found myself enjoying the money so much more. We gave out loans to people we didn’t even know. Worse, we lent money to people we did know. Mostly though, we kept to ourselves.

Honestly, we simply had so much fun together that other people just seemed to slow us down. They didn’t have our sense of timely planning or our paranoia about parking next to cars with lots of door dings. Our idea of partying was ordering an exorbitantly expensive dinner with two bottles of wine, going home and passing out on the Temper Pedic. We absolutely, whole-heartedly embraced the Austin cultural rule that you can wear a pair of blue jeans in any three-star restaurant as long as you and/or your woman is looking good and you can pay the check. We were not flashy about our money, well other than having the mansion and the sports cars, and the blah, blah, blah. However, we were most certainly naïve; although sadly not as naïve as some would soon prove to be.

We lived quite boringly in an exclusive gated community in the hills of west Austin. We called it the add-a-zero neighborhood because whatever the cost in the rest of the world, if you lived in this neighborhood it’d cost you ten times that. Say you call the guy who cuts lawns for $25. For a lawn in our neighborhood, suddenly the cost is $250. It was like that for everything. Contracting, plumbing, food, utilities, pet care, you name it. Not that you could find a contractor worth a damn in the Austin area towards the end of the 1990’s through the beginning of the new millennium, but if you did, you could expect to pay a lot.

All of the contractors and workers within a hundred mile radius of Austin were busy building huge mansions for people who had more money than they knew what to do with. I remember at one point, my neighbors were only renting the mansion next door whilst they were in the process of building their new more ginormous mansion. A year and a half into the build they began to have problems with their high-falutin’ builder. You’d think once you hit the three million mark, your builder would be kissing the ground you walked on, but not this guy. This builder had rapidly made a name for himself in the housing boom here, yet he will remain nameless in this piece, or maybe called butthead because of his selfish abhorrent behavior. With all of his success he began slacking and putting off deadlines. Why? Because he could, that’s why. Mr. “B” didn’t even bother to finish Sandra Bullock’s house and come her Christmas party that year, nothing worked. Not even the plumbing. Imagine poor Sandra standing there in her couture dress, holding a monkey wrench and trying to point out where her guests might be able to drop their fruitcake.

Lawsuits ensued, business was booming and of course people like us were constantly being taken for a ride, but that was okay, because like I said, we were all very happy at the time. I know I should have seen all of it as temporary as inevitably all things are, but I didn’t. Some part of me did know, but I denied that. I know I did because I remember distinctly my father’s warning. He was visiting me for the first time and quietly taking it all in. He gazed through the ceiling to floor bay windows overlooking the pristine hill country and country club greens where I had just pointed out where the newlyweds Brad and Jennifer Pitt had plans to build. “You’re not as rich as you think you are,” he said with a weird grin. I thought, that was kind of out of place. I didn’t recall ever telling him how much money I thought we had. Then it occurred to me. That was the point. I should always count on not being rich, more than counting on being rich. Now, I know he was worried and he had every right to be. We were kind of idiots.

My first lesson in the dangers of what could be lying and awaiting me and other naïve, vulnerable socialites came around Thanksgiving of 2001. Not in some dark alley on 6th Street or in some of the karaoke bars around town, but real dangers that can be hidden in some of the social relationships/situations we choose to put ourselves in.

My neighbor two doors down was the only other person under forty in our neighborhood. He was young and awkward, single, a nerd, so of course we identified with him right away. It was nice having him around kind of as a validation to the rest of the neighbors that we weren’t total freaks of nature being there. 29-year-old Daniel Vergil (name has been changed) made his fortune selling his genius to Cisco so you can guess about how totally cool this guy was. Danny was no stud and sadly, this really bothered him. He did not want to be a nerd. Soon my husband and I started noticing loads of cars and trucks continuously parked at his house. At first we thought he must be on a car buying binge, until we realized the cars weren’t for him. Danny had a whole new set of young friends; very young friends. In the beginning we had seen several teen girls and boys frequenting his home and thought he was just having family over, or maybe they were kids from a previous marriage or something. He was too young for having teens but certainly too old to be having this sort of fun with this young of “friends.” Parties were happening all night and nearly every night at his house whether he was home or not. I remember being pissed that there were always so many damn cars parked on the street until one day I got a good look at what was really going on. My mood quickly changed to concern when I learned the teen-age girls he was hanging out with were exchanging social advice (and God knows what else) for shopping money. I didn’t know if he was sleeping with them and oddly that is not from where the majority of worry came. He would give them money for shopping and they would in turn dress him, hang out with him and tell him what he should and shouldn’t do socially. They made him feel like he was a star and soon that was all that mattered.

The day before Thanksgiving my husband and I left for the crap hole that is Houston and my immediate neighbors to the left and right left for their holiday vacations as well. Thanksgiving Day I get a frantic phone call from one of my neighbors checking to see if my husband was still alive. No one knew who exactly, because they wouldn’t release any names, but a young millionaire had been murdered in our tiny neighborhood the night before. When we all established it was not my husband, we knew it must have been Danny.

We arrived home to find Danny’s house surrounded by police and caution tape. It was surreal. There was only about forty five residents living on that hill at the time and now one of us was just violently taken. That sort of thing could not have just happened. Who on earth would want to kill or have even ever found it necessary to kill a person like Danny.

It was an even bigger shock when we found out that it was bound to have happened to him because of the simplest choices he been making… poorly. He made them poorly because he was rebelling against himself in a way. He consciously made poor decisions because someone or something told him that his old protective nerdy ways were not socially acceptable. He made bad choices to prove to himself that he could be just as bad as everyone else not realizing he didn’t really want to be as bad as everyone else. He gave reckless abandon to what he considered true. He no longer respected the security risks of having friends who were not true friends. The more friends he had, regardless of their sincerity, the more he felt like the success he pictured in his head.

We found out later from police that there was no forced entry, that he had known his attackers and that he had been tortured to death with a Taser. Apparently he had met his killers at a bar and had somehow given them the idea that he was a computer genius who had tons of money. Big surprise, there. According to acquaintances, Danny had invited them over to his house to hang out before. The next time they came over they thought it’d be more fun to torture him for passwords to his company issued computer. They were unsuccessful and killed him. Later, unable to retrieve anything of worth on Danny’s computer, the killers tried to get a friend to erase the memory so that they could sell it. When the friend recognized Danny’s name on the computer and also realized the Taser that they had borrowed from him now had blood on it, he became suspicious and called the police. Good call.

About a week after the murder I was leaving the neighborhood and a city maintenance truck was trying to gain entry. I rolled down my window and asked who he was looking for. Until the murder, I would have just beeped him in. He said, “Uh, Vergil, Danny?  I found some of his stuff. A jacket, some gloves and a computer case, does he live here?”

The damn idiots had simply chucked the evidence into a ditch and believed they would never be caught. They murdered a human being and honestly thought no one would care. He was just another sucker who would do anything to be accepted and they knew it the moment they laid eyes on him.

That could have been me or my husband. Maybe you think this doesn’t apply to you because you are not a millionaire nerd, but it does and I aim to show you how. You also may be wondering why I told you I was a millionaire if I’m saying that’s not such a good idea to do. First of all, I’m not anymore, so don’t bother coming to torture me for passwords. Secondly, I want to show you that I’ve been in both worlds and it does not matter if you are rich or poor in this case. We are all vulnerable to what is already on its way to get us.