Deciphering the truth in a culture of false.


Mr. Rove, Architect This!

What I’m about to write may be a little presumptuous.  My best friend told me when we were kids that someday my mouth would get me in trouble.  Honestly, I don’t really think this is it.

It kind of reminds me of this horrible semester long research paper I had to write in college, a requirement to graduate called the Capstone Paper.  You had to pick a social issue you think something should be done about and propose a solution.  The thing was, you couldn’t write about any of the red letter subjects like abortion or… abortion.   I figure they didn’t want us to waste our time writing about something they knew we just weren’t equipped to talk about much less find answers for at our level of experience.  So, I finally got them to let me write about homelessness.  Ha!  Hey, I like complicated.  I thought I had some pretty good points but the guy grading me didn’t exactly see it my way.   I couldn’t for the life of me understand why he didn’t like anything I had to say.  I had basically written on the same subject in another course and received rave reviews.  This guy wanted to give me an “F” like something awful.  Needless to say, I lost my Suma Cum Laude status. Finally, I remembered a moment at the beginning of the course when the professor was trying to get to know everyone.  Seeing I was a big fan of automobiles he asked me my opinion on buying a new Corvette and I gave him my honest opinion.  I told him Corvettes suck and he should buy a Porsche.  Well, at the time it was pretty much true.  I don’t think he ever smiled at me again after that statement.  I learned the hard way that sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut no matter what you think you know or what you think you’ll help by being totally and completely honest.  (Hopefully I’m not talking about me at this juncture.)  But anyhow, speaking of losing status and people who get kicked to the curb…

Poor Sandra Fluke, just the latest victim of the Democratic National Committee machine.  If there was ever a dangerously crazy fraternity on campus it would be the far-left Democrats.  Isn’t it just like them to sacrifice a child for their own quest for power?  Well, maybe not a child, I meant virgin.  No, I meant…umm…hmmm…young woman who looks like a virgin, maybe?  The point is this young woman may have totally screwed her future by following these people into what is clearly just a cheap attempt to get the vote of the young and the restless.  Wow.  Was that worth it?  Talk about wham bam thank you ma’am.  Her image of a serious individual for representing, women’s health law has probably been seriously damaged.  She clearly doesn’t know crap about women’s actual needs.  I’m not even sure she knows the definition of need.  Georgetown Law?  Really?

Kind of like that chick who came on Mr. Sean Hannity’s show in defense of the latest bus victim, Fluke.  Right off the bat Tamara Holder rebuts one of Sean’s opening comments with “Well, that’s because I’m a smart liberal, Sean.”  Then throughout the interview she went on to say with little finesse whatsoever, that she readily equates entitlement with our constitutional rights.  Despite his disappointment, Sean was very polite I have to say. When you know good and well he wished he could throw that football right at her head.

Another guest on Mr. Bill O’Reilly’s Factor proceeded to say how all of the conservative Republicans were spouting language that indicated a “war on women”.  She emphasized “all of them” several times.  But when Mr. O’Reilly asked her to give just one example, she sat there stunned, quiet.  Then he gave her an easier question.  “Give me one example of Romney saying something against women.”  Again, cricket sounds.  She finally was able to utter something to the effect that she liked Romney …but that he never has spoken out against the Republicans [and their apparent war on women].  Don’t they know they are going to be asked to back up their statements?  Don’t they know they look absolutely ridiculous when they sit there with their mouths wide open aggrandized by their flanking Farrah Fosset hair?  If there is a war on women, these women are traitors to our cause.  They all by themselves make us look like the weaker sex.

No disrespect to Rosie and Ms. Houston, but what on earth were you girls smoking before you had your little televised tea party?  Why would you go out there and say that there is a war on women “in this day and age”?  You mean in the day and age where women are freely allowed to live whatever lifestyle as a woman they choose?   Seriously, you’re going to take up arms and say there is a war on women because you think contraception is too expensive?  Did I miss something?

What about a war on women because fertility drugs are too expensive?  Fertility treatments or medications to help women get pregnant (whether they need them or not) aren’t covered at all by insurance.  This is because fertility is viewed as a luxury item, not any kind of medical necessity.  Well, I’m here to say that as a woman, I think having babies means just as much to me as not having them.  Besides, these “fertility” drugs are a medical necessity in many cases, just as the contraceptives are being argued to be.  Wouldn’t you think that should be included on this discussion of women’s health being neglected and further for that matter, shouldn’t we really discuss who is at the bottom of not providing shall we say a more well-rounded form of women’s healthcare?

If the Republican Party advisors (huh-hum, Karl) had any sense whatsoever, they would use this blatant misuse of a college kid to their advantage.  This is a dodge ball you can catch!  Come on, if some people are really going to use women’s health as a campaign strategy how about doing something that actually concerns women’s health.  And if you really want to earn more than just the votes of women and earn the hearts of women, you should use the power of the Republican Party to actually do something to change the way we truly look at women’s health so that it benefits us when it is appropriate for us.  This is one way they can do that.

Republicans should turn the issue of women’s health right back on these entitlement policy pushing people by pointing out that the availability of contraception and abortion to women, especially young ones is not where the government and insurance companies are lacking service.   There is a gap in women’s healthcare and there does seem to be some pretty anti-woman sentiment going on behind it, but it’s not coming from conservative Republicans.  It comes from ultra-feminist who want an absolute equivocation between the sexes no matter what the cost.  Like I said, I’m not a genius but, I’m guessing they don’t belong to the conservative Republican Party.

When I started hearing all this Pseudos about women’s health needs not being met because they were not going to be provided contraception drugs through their church-based employer or school, I thought what a ridiculous waste of media attention.  Look, I’m not smart enough to get into Georgetown Law but I know that is like the last thing women are really in a pickle about when it comes to their health, specifically.  It’s especially so when you can go and get those things at alternative locations for little to no cost, insurance or no.  Do they want it delivered to their dorm or something …with a cookie no less?

If those who are trying to promote change in America’s healthcare in general were so interested in the availability of excellent women’s healthcare, why do they no longer equate good health with fertility?  For thousands of years the epitome of a healthy woman was a fertile woman.  Somehow that’s all changed.  Specifically in business, specifically in insurance companies and I doubt very sincerely that it has anything to do with cost/profit margin.

Here’s an example.  If you have a complicated pregnancy, that’s one thing, but in general, if you need some help having a baby with fertility drugs, or if you want to have any extra monitoring of a healthy baby during pregnancy, it is absolutely not covered by any health insurance of any brand.  It seems the policy is this way because their stand is that if you want children, that is a luxury item and therefore you should have to pay for them.  What they fail to realize is by this policy, they are neglecting many young women that need drugs that are considered “fertility drugs” even though they are to treat diseases like endometriosis.  The goal is to not have to get pregnant actually, even though the only said “cure” for endometriosis is pregnancy.  They’re just trying to keep the cancerous-like endometrial tissue at bay until they are someday ready to have surgery or get pregnant.

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know someone who is suffering or has suffered from endometriosis.  Scientists don’t know if this has always been prevalent among women, but they all concur this is a very widespread and an increasingly more serious disease among women.  Not to put too fine a point on this but, this is a real, major health issue among women, especially college age women, and I bet something they would be very interested in their political representatives getting involved in.

Many women like me at that age just want to finish college, but between the pain, the surgeries and lack of coverage it is almost impossible.  However, if women do not do something to remove the endometriosis at an earlier stage, it in many cases can cause serious problems and at the very least lead to very low chances of pregnancy later on in life.

At any rate, many college age women with this very common disease are faced with few choices.   They can pay full price for these extremely expensive drugs in lieu of tuition, food and rent.  Or they could drop out of school and go ahead and start a family if they can find a dude ready and willing (and hopefully with a job).  Or they can do nothing and let the disease invade.  So why is this issue for insurance companies?  What’s the big deal?  Why won’t they just write in a little sub clause thing-a-majiggy (that’s the word I’ll use to get into Georgetown Law) so that these truly in need women can be covered for these “fertility drugs” when they medically need them?

My theory is that no matter how you make the case, insurance companies will not cover such drugs because in order to do so, they would have to change their definition of fertility in reference to a woman’s health.  Suspiciously, they are obviously not interested in changing this policy for the benefit of women or for any other reason.  I just wonder.  Do you think it is coincidental that insurance companies’ policies and the policies and views of the far left of the liberal Democratic Party are so much inline?  They both take non-religious stands on medical issues.  They both seem to treat men and women equally as far as what they are entitled to (which brings up a point I will bring up later).  And most recently they also both seem to take the stand that contraception for all is a more pertinent issue to women’s health than the actual medical needs and care of women, especially women wanting to have children someday.

I believe this relates directly to the ultra-feminists agenda and directly in opposition to women’s civil rights.  I know that is a big statement, but scientifically it is a fact that this current policy of having an all or nothing approach to women’s health in order to protect a hidden agenda of equality or for any reason is harmful to women.  I believe they are harming more than they realize.

This in a way seems to be stunting the growth of families who have mothers who attend college.  If young women can’t go to college or have to drop out of college they will not have health insurance.  Medicare does not cover experts on how to create longevity in fertility.   If women continue to wait to have children after college or even after they get their career going, they naturally have a lower chance of conceiving a child.  Combine that situation with women who have diseases like endometriosis.  If they get pregnant young, but do not go to college they will not have a good income much less health insurance unless they get married.  If there is a lot of pain involved and they cannot work or go to college… well, you do the math.  You’ve got a lot of non-educated, not working, pregnant women and you also have a lot of educated successful women, but who have no ability to have children.   Instead of going towards a future where we have more freedom to do as we choose we are losing a battle to something we cannot control before we even get started.  Again why is contraception our biggest problem here?   I think this is a distraction; literally something they pulled out of a sack of things to do to harm the Republican Party.  The real issue is and has everything to do with wanting to keep conservatives away from the issue of abortion.  If they can get conservative Republicans to tuck tail and run just on the issue of conception there’s no way Santorum or anyone else will bring up abortion.  I believe someone pulled that because they are scared we are close to figuring something out.

What I’m about to say is not because I think insurance companies will begin to care or will change their “minds” because of what I’m saying.  The following has a point in reference to how you get insurance companies to “care” about their business enough to change their policy.

Historically I believe the only effective mediums that ever really change people’s cultural perspective is martyrdom, the media or big business.  The first one, martyr- well, those are a little hard to come by these days (in America anyway) and let’s just say they don’t come “on demand”.  The second isn’t really a creative medium and shouldn’t be used for political problem solving.  Well it shouldn’t be anyway if we’re talking about real news media, real journalists being the source and most specifically when the subject is the insanely delicate issue of abortion.  So news/entertainment media, that’s out for convincing us of the truth.  That leaves big business.  How interesting.  What in the world kind of big business could ever change the face of the “thing that appears in a woman after she has sex sometimes” A.K.A. a fetus?  If you said insurance companies then yes, you guessed it.

Insurance companies are businesses and they do not speak the language of care.  Apparently extreme leftists and feminists or both have been able to communicate with them quite well, but conservatives although a little slow on the uptake, can play that game too.  Hey, insurance companies are not politically biased.  Good health to them equals good money.   If they have good enough reasons to start giving some sort of legal descriptions of the fetus and how the fetus affects a woman’s health, good or bad this would indicate a fetus is not just a benign object.  This may mean the fetus would no longer be considered something that can just be operated on or elected to be removed as other benign parts of a woman’s body are.  Insurance companies believe it or not, may be the key to saving millions of unwanted babies from elective abortion.

Many women are harmed physically and mentally by abortions, but do not talk about it, much less report it to anyone. There are some very deep seeded reasons why women are so private and protected when it comes to the functions of their bodies.  Who can blame us when our whole menstruating lives we’ve been told by our fathers, boyfriends and husbands “I don’t want to know!”  It’s definitely complicated and probably never going to change.  From the dye in our hair to the corns on our feet, it’s all personal.  I hate to equate it with this scenario but it’s kind of like a woman seeking to have plastic surgery and she goes to this guy that a friend of a friend who says can give her a “deal”. You know what happens next.  Surprise!  You’ve got malboobification and no, there’s no deal on a redo.  How likely is she to do anything about it?  Sure she may scream at the doctor, but go to the public to warn other women?  Not likely.

Unfortunately by the same token women who want to keep their abortion private go to great links to keep it private.  Businesses that rely on patients who want abortions for non-medical reasons especially, can count on this silence to run their practice as they please.  Is this why Roe v. Wade became the law.  We needed abortion to be legal so women could be safer.  Wasn’t it so women didn’t have to worry about going to some shady place, devoid of information and any semblance of real medical care/after care?  You’re lucky if they remind you to bring a pillow to sit your raw biscuit on afterwards.

Doctors take a Hippocratic Oath to never use their knowledge to harm anyone.  The only way abortion is considered ethical and therefore legal is because by current legal statements the fetus remains a “benign” part of a woman’s body.  In other words, the fetus is regarded as a part of a woman’s body that is neither harmful nor beneficial to her health wise, so therefore it is medically ethical to remove a fetus if a woman so chooses.  If that perspective were to ever change, however…  For example if a non-medical, non-political, non-religious entity were to establish a different perspective that a fetus was not benign, the opposition to abortion may not be seen as a religious/moral issue any longer, but a medically ethical issue as well as a financial issue.  Let me explain.

If liberal Democrats want abortion to continue to be referred to as a real medical procedure that benefits women then they need to find a way to make it as such; giving a woman any and all information they can possibly comprehend in order for them to make a choice they can live with.

Ironically “Pro-Choice” Dems don’t want this either for several reasons.  If you start giving information about abortion a lot of people will stop having abortions.  If you show women a sonogram of the fetus a lot more women will elect not to have abortions.  But most importantly, and the bottom line will always be this: if ever there is a legal precedent set saying that there are ever different health/based scenarios where an abortion should be legal v. illegal, liberal feminists would lose the argument that a fetus has nothing to do with a woman’s health.

If insurance companies start paying attention to fertility they may have to disclose the harmful effects of having an abortion procedure in reference to future pregnancies and also the common mental side effects attributed to undergoing an abortion.  They may also inadvertently establish a precedent that having a fetus inside means more to a woman’s health than previously thought and therefore an insurance company’s bottom line.

There probably will never be a way to change the law to say abortion should only be in cases of medical emergency much less abolishing abortion all together.   This may be disappointing to those who do solely base their beliefs against abortion on their religious beliefs, but I say let your heart not be troubled.  There is still a way to have some satisfactory success in the real war against women.

So, scientifically speaking…the insurance company asks…does pregnancy actually benefit a woman’s health?  So I did a little research.  The answer is yes and no, but this is a good thing and I’ll tell you why. (I should have a white board for this.)  Okay.  Turns out if you have one baby or more than two babies the answer is no, actually.  Three or more kids are not beneficial to a woman’s health?  Imagine that.  Not sure why having one is not so good for your health; other than I can guess there were maybe health and/or financial stresses that were there in the first place.  Having three or more children seems to be harder on the body and mind for obvious reasons (with the exception of the breasts being more immune to breast cancer).

Two however, seem to be the magic number.  Aside from instinctive good comforting feeling we get from having the chance to pass on our legacy onto offspring, they say two children also add more joy and stress relief to a family than not.  More specific to a woman’s physical wellbeing, if a she breastfeeds during her pregnancy those two times, it reduces her chances of breast cancer.

Insurance companies therefore, should consider a policy more friendly to fertility than not.  Mr. Rove, you could architect a plan for the Republican Party to help.  In my opinion a good policy for them would be to simply offer to cover fertility drugs for women with less than two children.  This would cover young women who had endometriosis and those women who medically could not get pregnant up to two children without medical help. It would cover women who were truly interested in fertility drugs because they had health problems not because they wanted to have a million babies at once.  In essence once you have two babies you are no longer covered for fertility drugs.  This would motivate people on two levels, (financially and health wise) to keep their families smaller.  More healthy and smaller families?  This should make insurance companies drool… in a good way.

This in my opinion is something the Republicans could really use to get their spirit back.  A spirit that has been lost I believe, due to the constant rebuke from those who equate people of religious backgrounds as those who argue outside of reality.  Conservatives are tired of being beaten in arguments before they even argue simply because of what liberals say is the basis of all conservative beliefs.  Religion is not the basis for all conservative beliefs but for some reason red letter subjects like abortion especially, cannot be discussed at all if those on the right are in the discussion.  And those on the right don’t speak at all about these subjects because they are afraid people will think  all they want to do is have the country conform to their religious beliefs.   This is the damage of pseudos!!!

So let’s not try to fight liberals with emotional pleas.  Trust me.  They’ve got the bleeding hearts of America emotional arguments and drama in the bag.  If we continue to go that route we will surely lose.  Speak the language of the insurance company’s and you will find a way to make as much “change” with them as the Dem’s apparently are able to make.   You can use the young women’s disappointment in the insurance companies and government just as leftists have.   But you will win with the argument that you really understand what young women are going through regardless of their religion or personal lifestyle.  Women deserve more than to be told they need contraceptives to live healthy lives and you realize that they need security for their future.  Whether that means contraceptives today or a family tomorrow, they need to know or maybe they do know that there may be nothing left for them as far as Medicare and social security by the time they need it.  This may be why they are going towards a more “entitlement” society as they try to get all the free shit they can while they can. which is why they may vote for someone like Obama.  Then point out though, that voting for Obama probably won’t really lead to any free entitlements and that it will actually only make everything (free shit included) harder and harder to get if not disappear altogether.   In fact, voting for someone who insists on encouraging an entitlement society will only cause the quality of women’s healthcare to get worse.


Survival of the Fattest Heads

The base of the Liberal secularist philosophy seems to depict the belief that nothing cataclysmic will ever happen. Please don’t confuse this with their hissy-fit over global warming.  Global warming is not an eminent cataclysm that will end all life as we know it.  It’s a marketing theme.  These people thrive on bleeding heart stories and pessimism, but have the gall to call a conservative who speaks out passionately about America going to hell in a handbasket, over-reacting.  They truly believe if something so bad and destructive were to happen, and if it couldn’t be taken care of on the spot with money, they submit to the “we are all f-ed anyway” philosophy.  Well, that’s just a brilliant plan!

Do you know that there is a new term for people like me?  Yes, I just heard it.  There’s actually a new reality show coming out about people like me.  Shows how quick on the uptake I am.  I’m called a “Prepper.”  Yes, that’s short for preparer.  You know, as in someone who prepares for the America as we know it to collapse.  We are a closet-bound bunch, for the most part.  Because, A. The term “survivalist” has a lot of negative stereotypes attached to it these days and B. we don’t want your punk ass showing up at our farm looking for food because you were too stupid and too proud to PREPARE for yourself.  Not lazy, just too proud.  Well, if you know me, you know I’m not too proud to tell you you’re stupid.  I’m used to taking that kind of humiliating action.  So here it is.

Go ahead!  Live for the moment and don’t worry about the consequences of the future.  It’s not a stretch to think a lot of people live based on what they see in movies.  I’m guilty of this in some ideological respects but I’m talking about the sheer imitation of people’s behavior in movies.  Isn’t it funny how you never see anyone in the movies wearing a seatbelt?  I hate to call a director irresponsible for such a minor detail in the scheme of making a whole movie and all.  And maybe it’s just me but, I just want to say, don’t they know they are portraying the message over and over again that it is unnecessary to wear your seatbelt and that it also makes you look uncool.  Of course they do, because that’s what they think.  I think that would be an interesting poll question for Hollywood people.  “Do you wear your seatbelt?”   (Seriously, please wear a seatbelt even if the people in the movies don’t.)  I kid you not, I still hear the argument that if you were to get in a bad accident, you wouldn’t be able to get out in a hurry.  Like they’re Indiana Jones or something; headed for the Grand Canyon.  Uh, on a road that takes two minutes to go fifty feet maybe that’s how physics rule in Hollywood.  Come on.  Squish your boobs in the name of safety!   Let me let you in on a little secret of real physics.  If you’re in a bad accident and not wearing your seatbelt, they’re going to have to hose your ass out of the car.  This is a fitting metephore for what happens when Democrats in congress try and tweak the rules and pass something that should never have passed regardless of what precedent that sets for the future use of the Constitution’s flexibility.  Either they don’t know or don’t care.  Both are highly likely.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re paranoid or crazy for being safe or prepared for bad things to happen.  If there is anything you learn from this book, I hope it is this.  Ever hear, “luck favors the prepared”?  The message of today towards preppers like me is more like,  “What are you?  A survivalist or something?  Good luck with that.”  Whatever happened to the romanticism of a “little survival place in the woods”?  Now if you call yourself a “survivalist” or just happen to own a gun, (a big one), you’re a gun toting’, right-wing, white-surpremist, domestic-terrorist, communalist, seclusionist, fundamentalist, f-your-sister red-neck, Bible beater.  I once invited all my gal pals to take part in the ladies’ night special at the local indoor gun range.  I immediately got a Facebook retort referring me to a guns and violence awareness website.  Tisk-tisk on me for suggesting such a horridly violent pastime!  Who knew surviving or competition was a bad thing?  It’s not like I said it was Happy Hour and then shooting with .45 calliber weapons!  Geez.  They totally don’t let you do that.

The liberal secularist philosophy says that the modern mode of thought is the only intelligent thought there is.  Let me tell you what they’re worried about surviving.  They learned about the age of reason in History and I guess were tapped out after that.  Is that when they started teaching about Henry Marx?  Anyway what you may not have paid attention to because it takes a lot of boring patience to learn, is that there have been intelligent people for thousands of years.  Not just recently with the invention of the “smart phone.”  Contrary to popular belief, smart people don’t just occur with the advancement of technology.  Still, liberal secularists think History and following the laws written by people three hundred years ago (much less a couple thousand years ago) no longer apply to the world of today.  They think they know better than those old conservative fogies from so long ago.  They believe conservativism is outdated and totally uncool.  “A waste of time.”  “Not living in reality.” Those are just a couple of things I hear most often by those living hour to hour.  “I just got a tattoo for $10!” That’s another one I hear a lot.

I think of it kind of like how a teenager thinks.  I can see how living day to day instead can be very exciting and free feeling, but it’s not freedom.  You know that “falling feels like flying, even for a little while …” Crazy Heart. I can certainly respect that philosophy some days.  I’m a wife and a mother and it’s hard having to make important decisions every single day, all day long.  Whether or not I choose to pay attention to what my kids are up to at any given moment can mean life or death for my toddlers.  There’s no pressure on earth that can beat that.

Having things taken care of for you like welfare and free healthcare is also not freedom.  It’s a death sentence.  The more you let someone take care of the needs that you are capable of doing yourself only leads you to become reliant upon and subservient to them.  In this case, once the government starts feeding you and giving you free healthcare, treating you like the zoo animal you’ve become; is that when you are really going start working harder?  Is that going to make it easier to speak out against your government and/or zookeepers?  In both instances the answer historically has been a big fat NO!  We work harder when the benefits are as great or greater than the work we put in.  No one will work harder if no extra is given for doing so.  And if the government were to control say, everything like healthcare, the financial sectors, the automobile industry, the media and education we wouldn’t have a single word to say, would we?

But here we are at the crossroads.  We have to choose a Republican to lead us through the dark.  An old addege about the blind leading the blind comes to mind, however, we can no longer let the Pseudos message rein that conservatives are just poking fun at powerful liberal people.  This complaint from the average quiet American is more than just a yapping response to the insolent left.  We are hanging by a thread.  This is about handing the decision about our entire ability to control ourselves.  Are you ready to say you are the old lady who has fallen and can’t get up?  Are you ready for the liberal Democrats to hand you your new nolife alert button to wear around your neck?  Don’t worry, it will be intimately involved with all you do, go where ever you go and it’s waterproof!  It sounds and looks like the most popular thing to do.

No! Wake up, Matilda!  Obama wants to put you in a retirement home no matter how spry you think you are!  Cut medicare?  Why do that when their just going to make the whole damn thing medicare!  Give everybody the prune plan!  So, your only 25; don’t you want to live in an old folks home and have them feed you and tell you when to eat your meds?  Why would we voluntarily do this?  Has half the country already lost their minds?  Well…

Jesus Has a Lame Haircut

Our culture is being conditioned to make individuals want to be part of a mob.  Everywhere you go it’s “keep up with everyone whatever you’re doing wherever you are…as long as it’s not Fox News”.  It sometimes seems as if you’re not a part of a mob you’re not a part of anything.  You’re alone.  Is this not the truth?  Of course it is.  It is the truth they use to lie to you… to lead you astray.  This is the definition of Pseudos.  The other part of the truth that is unmentioned is that it is okay to be alone. People who produce and cultivate Pseudos conveniently leave that out.  They dismiss the thought that you might just think better alone.  You must confer with the group or you will surely fail.  The problem with that is knowing deep down that in reality we are ultimately on our own.  We will all face that final frontier alone, so why depend on a collective Hollywood society (of all things) for your deepest self-preserving questions?  Does the group want to save you or itself… ultimately?  Therein lies the truth that I speak of.  If you don’t have the balls to find out the mysteries of life for yourself, I guess you don’t deserve to know the truth.

I know that there are several reasons why people don’t seek to know the truth for themselves; especially when it comes to figuring out the most difficult or mysterious people on earth.  However I tend to think the top two reasons are: #1 pride and coming in a close second would be laziness.  Depending on who you are these positions may be reversed, but for the most part, I think people decide they are too afraid, too removed, too angry, too intelligent or too dumb to figure out complicated things like Christianity, for example.  According to our historical records, Jesus is the most famous person on earth.  Almost everyone on the planet has heard His name at least once.  So why doesn’t everyone want to find out for themselves who this guy was/is?  We see a new cute guy on American Idol and half the country fires up their smart phone or computer to get the full bio.  We can’t wait for every little detail to come out with the star’s wants and likes.  We not so secretly hope we will run into him someday and he will want and like us.

Hmm, I wonder why someone would think so hard about one particular celebrity whether we like them or not and choose not to do any if at all research on Jesus?

No, I’m just kidding.  I don’t wonder.  I know.  The guy on American idol is easy to get.  I don’t mean necessarily, in the promiscuous manner.  I mean, the truth about themselves that it is put out for you to consume is only skin deep.  They can’t and won’t let you know the real, complicated, weak, sometimes confused, them.  Once you become a celebrity, the real person that’s kept secret is all you have left.  Most don’t even have that anymore.  What they put out for you is all for you.  It’s fun.  It’s juicy.  It’s couture.

My point is that Jesus seems to be one of these people that more people should look into for their own self-preservation even if at this time it doesn’t “float your boat”.  If you don’t like what you find out, that’s one thing.  But if you never even crack a Bible, ask a true Christian or watch a documentary about Jesus on the History Channel, who are you to say you know anything about anything?  Everyone knows about Jesus’s name you don’t want to know for yourself why that is?  Well, I doubt you will muster up the desire because Jesus had a lame haircut.  You more than wanted to know why people thought Justin Bieber was worth a damn.  That’s why you watched that awesome, totally unedited, truthful depiction of his life and got your Bieber or sadly a Biebett haircut.  Maybe you think Jesus is passé and that was something people were in to in the 60’s.  Just look at their haircuts.  I’ll have you know, that in the revelations part of the Bible, Jesus is a tattooed Fabio looking stud.  Riding a horse and wielding a huge weapon no less.  Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Wink. Wink.

Look, it’s all about perspective.  Oprah is a very gernerous soul.  She wants to take care of everybody.  I’m sure she would if she could too.  Oprah thinks there are lots of ways to believe in God and therefore you can go to Heaven if you just pick one.  What was that?  Hey, everyone the Oprah network has made it easier than ever to get into Heaven.  Oprah’s Heaven.

Yes, I have to agree the experience is different for everyone, but the only way to get to God’s house is to understand what he did for you.  Oprah is so giving, she wants everyone to go to Heaven, but I guess she also believes not everyone is capable of liking what they hear.  She wants everyone to like what she says, so she does not tell you what you really need to do.  She believes in Jesus, but for you, that’s different.  She says it’s okay if you don’t want to say the name Jesus and still get into Heaven.  Really? That’s like going to someone’s home for a spectacular dinner, not acknowledging how nice the dinner was and expecting desert.

According to the Bible and other historical references we have concluded that the whole reason crazy humans will be allowed into Heaven is because of how Jesus made man and God understand each other.  Everything, even aside from all the miracles, everything He did that we consider realistic, or in other words would cause you to believe the human Jesus existed, has been proven to be true.  If that’s true and even some of the things that were not so realistic like huge, unfathomable battles were archaeologically proven to have happened, maybe there are some truths we haven’t proven true but are.

How many of you believe in Davy Crockett?  Without looking it up, please.  How many of you “believe” in Davy Crockett?  Sounds silly doesn’t it.  I guess I should say do you know of Davy Crockett’s existence if that is all I simply mean to ask.  Hmm, that sounds lame too, but the questions are the same.  Of course I “believe” in Davy Crockett’s existence because I understand and know a lot about his story.  I even know of a little perfect town he founded called Honey Grove, Texas.  Will it change your belief system if said I believe he was involved in a tragic yet miraculous battle that among other actions caused a loyalty among men that would forever be unbroken and unshaken by the fear of death?

Now, I ask again.  Do you believe in Jesus?  Do you say no because you know nothing about his story even if you know of his existence?   I understand we can all act weird when it comes to talking to someone we are really in love with.  This includes God.  We have too much pride to admit we don’t know much truth about Jesus so we simply say we don’t believe or don’t have to “believe”.  We say if God really loves us back, he wouldn’t make us have to do something as trivial as acknowledging His son, Jesus.  Hmm, is that how we treat people we love?  We don’t acknowledge their pride and joy because ours is more important?

I “believe” in order to know the truth, what we have to do is quite the contrary.  I think we all have a good chance at surviving whatever comes our way the more we all seek the truth instead of settling for what the group does.  This is especially true when it comes to knowing about the most famous person who ever lived among us and having something nice to say about Him when we meet his dad.  It’s just the polite thing to do really.

Hello, My Name is America and I Just Woke Up. Now, Where the Hell Am I and Why Is My Underwear On Backwards?

WAKE UP AMERICA!  We are quickly stacking up the victims of psychological warfare.  I call it Pseudos as John the Baptist and Jesus called it in the first century.  It is not a silent tactic by any means and it is certainly deadly…toxic actually, to our American culture.  It really only works on the people who loyally follow spouters of Pseudos, but if you don’t know how to recognize Pseudos when you hear it, how will you ever know how to avoid it?  So, let me just give you one little piece of advice.  You had better keep an eye on who you think is actually going to lead you out of this dark, dank, cave we are entering called cultural and financial ruin.  Everyone knows we’re heading there.  From Joe the Plumber to the Mexicans who no longer find our country an appealing place to raise their children; they no longer see an American Dream.  Yet no one really notices there is something very foul creeping, expanding, seeking-out control in our midst.  No one really wants to see the cause.  Admitting seeing it is so…discriminating, so…dirty… so incriminating.

Being categorized as Right wing or Left wing is not the goal in life here.  We have much bigger fish to fry as a country, but for some reason there seems to be a war going on about choosing one side or the other. It is brutal and full of hatred. What seems to be the trend with our lawmakers is the refusal to do what is right because it is not politically good for a particular leader.  This is apparently going to continue no matter what the people need.  From the prospective of many of our Democratic lawmakers, real, hardworking, good people have become insignificant- and almost deserving the prospective downturn in their livelihoods.  Because they are conservative they should pay.  No one believes that conservatives have already given so much that they do not need the government to take their money and give it to others.  According to most liberal opinion makers, it is not cool to have the opinion that the government isn’t worth the price. Conservatives know this to be the truth because they know whether Republican or Democrat run, the government never does anything right.  So therefor, if you translate the Pseudos here, we hear: knowing the truth about the effectiveness of the government really isn’t cool.

I don’t automatically think those who get government handouts necessarily think the opposite of conservative Republicans either.  I don’t think they all truly believe their conquering of the intricacies of welfare and food stamps is considered a special job skill.  Really, I don’t.  But welfare is never a permanent fix for anyone, no matter how they think.  So, why would leaders want to make this the government’s job and only the governments job?  Churches and religious bodies aren’t cool remember?  Liberal leaders say you can’t depend on churches because they believe religion is exclusionary. So let’s assume they get their wish and they’re all gone.  We want to make sure the government does the charity, not churches, because they only help Christians and people who promise to convert to Christianity right?  We’ll all be better off when we all we have to depend on is our government handout.  Ah, those will be good times.  Don’t laugh!  People are drinking this Pseudos laced Kool-Aid by the gallons.

I think of a frat party where the main plan is to have as many free wine coolers available as they can.  They don’t drink wine coolers but the dumb sorority girls who show up to the party do.  It never occurs to them that they are the only ones drinking and before they know it, they’re wondering why they all decided to go swimming in their only change of clothes.  Like a passed out sorority girl, we won’t have any idea what’s coming until it‘s too late.

And Justice for All

Have you ever thought about the significance of making people swear on the Bible when they take an oath of office or testify in a court of law?  If it’s not the whole truth, it’s not the truth.  That’s why there is still one place we say that, in court.  So help us, God.  So, help you, Casey Anthony.   I mean, we all know most guilty people get up on the stand and say whatever it takes to keep themselves out of prison, especially those with a history of pathological lying.  Who can blame them?  If there was ever a time to use their Olympic level training in lying, it would be when they accidentally or not accidentally killed their child.  But here’s the rub.  They set up the tradition of being under oath to God during the testimony of a witness for a reason.  It was not to intimidate the judged, for surely they knew not all criminals would believe in God, it was to insure final
justice just in case the human fallibility factor caused an incorrect verdict.

The oath itself is like a call to God to make him officially a witness to the testimony.   When you swear on a Bible, you are officially saying to God you are not lying.  When most people believed in God, this oath was enough to make a jury or judge believe a person. Not so anymore,
right.  I’m here to remind you, all of you who have great hate in your heart for Casey Anthony, for all of you who wish you could take justice into your own hands, if you truly believe in God, let your heart not throw up.  You should know she will be tried again when she dies by someone who knows how to dispense justice. There are certain sins that will not be forgiven.  Among those few sins, I believe, one is when you testify to the truth in front of your peers in regards to a crime against humanity.  Of course, I have no proof.  Just like at the end of “Oh God, You Devil” there was no evidence that God was there in the courtroom, but everyone knew the truth.  It was up to each individual to decide for themselves what they saw/heard.  (Kind of like what a jury is supposed to do.)

I submit to you that you can have faith whenever our justice system fails us like we think it did on Tuesday.  Those of us who commit the
unforgivable sin of lying to God directly in front of our fellow humans, especially after having beyond a reasonable doubt something to do with killing one of them, will go to hell in a hand basket.  I don’t wish that on anyone; not even Miss Anthony.  But that’s the beauty of having faith.  I don’t have to dispense justice in this case.  It’s not my job.  You might say a Christian believes in forgiveness for everyone.  This is true, but it is not necessarily the belief of God.  Those who want forgiveness and believe, get forgiveness.  Most of these unforgivable crimes against humanity are not done by people who would ever think to ask forgiveness from God because they do not believe in anyone but themselves, so it works out.  Broken souls will go where broken souls belong…eventually.  Whether the jury can detect the truth and do justice or not for the wronged in the courtroom becomes secondary.  Once that sworn oath is taken, the believers know that God is being contracted to judge that oath taker and that really, it is the only justice that matters in the end.

The truth is …the government lies, the left lies, and the right lies.  Of, course.  We knew that. The only truth you need to worry about is that you are stuck in the middle and it’s your job to decipher what is right and what is wrong for you.  You shouldn’t need anyone to tell you what is right and what is wrong.  You need to be able to do it for yourself in an honestly valid manner.  You need to take every opportunity and every right that you have to decipher this truth for yourself.

In this country you have the freedom to choose or not to choose.  We can choose not to buy things like books and movies from murderers.  We
have the right to listen to our instincts instead of lawyers.  It is time to say goodbye to mistrust and misguided trust and say hello to a faith in our conservative traditions and logic we already have hopefully permanently interwoven into the major foundations of this great country.

Pseudos lesson: The Pseudos that is being passed on to the population is that there is no judgment day.  There will never be a time when they will be held responsible for the things they get away with on this earth.  Whatever you can get away with is now serving as the moral limit because that is what the Pseudos message is effectively conveying to people who want, more than anything, to get away with as much sin and avoid as much pain as humanly possible.

Use the Word Pseudos When Talking to a Liberal (If you have to.)

The hardest thing to deal with by far has been communicating with liberals. The forgiveness I’ve had has been drained and any reservations I had about feeding the fire fight between liberals and conservatives have been lifted. I just don’t know what to say anymore. My heart hurts. All in all, I’m thinking we should just give up on trying to do this whole communication thing, but for the moment let’s just pretend there is some “HOPE” left.

Since all of this really boils down to what you believe andhow willing you are to be honest about those beliefs, we might as well start stirring the vats. By now you have a pretty good idea what Pseudos might be. Let’s use the term itself, to call it out. It’s like pulling the “demon” out of a person who is spouting liberal antics they learned from the group. You can apply the word Pseudos to any person or entity that uses Pseudos. We should do this as often as possible. It’s better than calling liberals liars. That’s just not complicated enough for them. You’ll call, “Pseudos!” And they’ll say, “What?” Then you’ll explain, thus starting up a self-conscious conversation that is now based on the subject of being totally honest. What a novel idea.

I think it is essential to first understand the mentality of most of these people. I hate to generalize, but you know you can tell who they are. They are the ones who are most comfortable belonging to a group and are around groups of people as much as humanly possible. They are the iPhone gurus, the Facebook fanatical, and the people who twitter where they are and where they are going at all times.  The group, (not to mention the newest technical device they use) makes them feel important.

Ann Coulter has a new book coming out called Demonic which underlines the group “mob” type of behavior that occurs when these kinds of people put their minds together. She says the mob attributes of liberals mirror a crowd’s inability to perceive contradictions and its tendency to form an infatuation for an individual. (Usually, an underdog, which I discuss in other articles.) This is totally how pseudos becomes most effective. If a person cannot deal with contradictions within complicated subjects, they opt for the easiest of answers. Or I guess I should say fall for what looks like the right answer, and/or fall for the leaders who fit the bill. For example, what liberal Democrat did not truly believe that John Edward hung the moon during the Kerry/Edwards campaign? I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why people couldn’t see how he was scum of all scum deep down inside. His history, how he made his money, how he made suing doctors a sport, said it all. Why is that kind of person put on a pedestal, all major flaws ignored, and real people, with real accomplishments and complicated ideals do not “fit the bill.” For example, in the liberal’s mind, Sarah Palin cannot be a feminist or a good person because she is both a woman and a Republican. They believe the only woman leader is a feminist leader, number one. And to be a feminist, one must first be a liberal and second, be for abortion. There is no in-between. Never mind that if she had aborted her last child she would have been burned at the stake by both feminists for special needs children and the anti-abortionists.

There is also the weird irony that Sara Palin seemingly can’t be trusted by liberals even though thanks to liberal reporting we now know every last detail about her down to how many stitches she got in her chode after the last child birth, I think. Okay, hopefully not, but you get my drift. Is there anything in her past worth fussing about? I mean, at all? Obama has a fraction of the criticism as well as a fraction of the personal information available through the liberal media that Sara Palin does.

How is this possible? I’ll tell you. He is, with all due respect to the President of my country, not a complicated person. He is a puppet by all senses of the word. He fits the bill for the liberal group. He in no way, makes the powers of the liberal group feel inferior, because they believe he is inferior to them and will do their bidding at will. This is what the liberal agenda is all about. This is why the liberal media continues to root for the underdog and will continue to encourage the rewarding of the underdog even if they are not working to deserve the win. May I remind everyone that the whole point of rooting for an underdog is the romantic feeling you get at the end of the race because you knew they worked harder than anyone else to get where they wanted. Not so with Obama. Not so with Edwards. Not so with Weiner. Not so with Pelosi. Conservatives tend not to worship idols. They expect leaders to work like slaves just like the rest of us.

A liberal world community has formed a very strong presence in today’s society, mostly thanks to those in the Democratic Party who have realized the media is the way to control what the people think about them. Bill Clinton was the first to realize that dominating radio must be a collective goal of the Democratic Party. He realized this when he heard his mother in-law was listening to Rush Limbaugh without really knowing who he was. Since then, the many different genres of media have been saturated with liberals’ funding and liberal minded talent. If you think of us all as a block or as a closer knit community as far as the information we share goes, we can see how we are more reliant upon this technology and media. We look to others more readily to see what we should do for ourselves. Unfortunately, technology and media can’t help you make a common sense decision in a crunch; especially if they aren’t around anymore, right? They can’t help you see the truth for yourself if it was tattooed on your coffee steward’s forehead.

This country is a big bad-ass plane that we all need to board as we travel forward into an already turbulent and unknown future. Ann Coulter, among others, has put a magnifying glass up to our war plane’s engine block and she is exposing the seemingly invisible cracks. We may look like we could rule the sky, but when you really choose to look a little more closely you’ll see we are going to crash and burn if we ever have to take off. I completely agree with this type of uninhibited, unapologetic exposure and am ready for people to thus find that psychological weapons, like Pseudos work best among crowds with these mob-like behavioral/mental weaknesses. This kind of behavior is the exact opposite of the people who founded this country. Do you think Thomas Jefferson had a problem appreciating the in between of black and white? Do you think he ever had a thought that did not stem from the very depths of uncertainty?

If you let the group decide what you want, you’re basically saying you would let any one of them think for you. Unless, everyone in the group belongs to MENSA or something, I’m not willing to take that risk. Actually, in the groups I’m talking about, no one from MENSA is allowed, because any person smart enough to be in MENSA certainly would make others feel inferior and that is not what the group wants. The group wants to feel good about itself, regardless if those individuals in the group are feeling good. The group is stupid, ignorant, naïve and the superiors of the group like it that way!

In my book, the way you win the game of “real life” is to not go with what the group wants even as you get more and more popular the “group” or “mob” is rarely right. Just a warning, smart people, or those who think for themselves are usually negatively labeled right off the bat, most often as “nerds”, and excluded from the group. Maybe it could sometimes be because of personal hygiene but, usually it’s because they are too smart.

Pseudos is everywhere because mainly, a disturbing trend among the mob is to alsoexclude complicated truths. These truths may include basics about where we come from, where we are headed as a country, and what a family means. You know, basically anything that has anything and everything to do with Christianity and/or religion. These truths also include advice to women, as any advice given by a man or a woman who respects men, or a person who points out inherent differences between men and women is seen as sexist and certainly not feminist. These truths also include warnings against bad people. You don’t dare tell a young beautiful girl not to go to New York or L.A. to pursue her destiny. Never mind that she has no skills and that she’ll be willing to sell her soul for a place to stay and a bite to eat within a week. Never mind that there are actual slave traders alive and well, just waiting for the next desperate girl to fall into their clutches. Yes, let’s never mind that girls are vulnerable and need protection. There, I said it. They should not be given make-up and high heels at five years old. Are you listening Tom Cruise?  How about instead of printing logos on the butt cheeks of their little pants, why not just print a target? It’s getting easier and easier for people who hunt the innocent as they are but a figment of some paranoid parent’s imagination, right? Only the paranoid believe evil, accidents, and natural disasters actually happen in real life, right. Not just in the movies or in Twilight. For example, I have heard many a mother comment to other mothers about how their children should act when they encounter strangers. While they absolutely refuse to let their children ride the bus for fear of what kind of person may actually want to drive children to school every morning at the butt-crack of dawn, they say they tell their kids just because a strange person is technically a “stranger” it does not mean they are bad people and therefore the children should always act in a respectful/friendly manner towards them (the stranger) no matter what they look like. What ever happened to never, never talk to strangers?! “Hey mommy, that guy looks like a pedophile.” “Shhhh, Billy.” Mommy scowls. “Now go give that sweaty man a hug and say you’re sorry.”

We have chosen to decide for ourselves what kind of family we want, what kind of country we as individuals want, and exactly to what extent we are responsible for that. What we haven’t decided is, well, exactly how do we get that? How do we do that while still maintaining a respectful manner to everyone in the whole goddamn universe? We have lots of ideas that probably won’t work and won’t actually be executed anyway. In the meantime we do nothing in pursuit of those wants because we have something of a handicap when it comes to self-control and creating enough margin in our lives to buffer/survive in the stressful real world we conservatives like to call Earth. Most of us don’t know how to even recognize when we’re living on the edge until for many of us it’s too late. We don’t save anything. We don’t fix anything. We waste everything. Well, almost everything. We save and recycle garbage. My point is, we have found ourselves filled to the brim with information we are told is important. We do the things we are told are important, by people who want to be important themselves.

They rebel against the old, whether you are a man, woman or train of thought. Those old-school things don’t apply to us, now that we are more “advanced”. Old people just don’t understand anything do they? I don’t know. They are the only ones who know how to do some of the things that we once thought were important. If they’re gone who will teach us stuff? I don’t know, stuff like driving instead of typing on a miniature keyboard while your 3,000 lb. hybrid tries to make it to its next overdo oil change.

And all of these things that we do to keep our mind off such a troubled world leave little room for actually doing anything about the troubled world. I expect soon there will be an app. you can purchase from the App Store that will allow you to have your own personal jackass plan your every move. OR in a fitting piece of blasphemy they’ll invent a “What would Jesus do?” app. just to see if they could make an enormous, ironic stack of cheese off it. Sure they’ll take it off the market once thecontroversy wanes and profits begin to dwindle. Then what will you do.? When the jokes over, what is left, but a long awkward pause.

What’s left is a void of real social despair. No, I don’t mean like when Paris runs out of Valtrex or when P-Diddy can’t come up with a new name that rhymes with pee. I mean when people start getting hurt and the time for doing something to prevent it or even cure it has passed us by for good. It’s like the Nothing from the movie Then Never Ending Story sucking up and vaporizing every last particle of faith and imagination. Nothing is what is left and Pseudos is the prevailing falseness that fills the space. The Greek word Pseudos was a word understood and used in the first century for different types of deceptions. Specifically, using what the people believe to be the truth to communicate deception. Are we willing to work harder to find good leaders who will save us from ourselves? Are we willing to choose the hard way and complicated leaders with complicated (working) plans? No more rooting for the underdog because he makes us feel good about ourselves? Arewe really willing to do that?

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”. — Thomas Edison

Christians Are a Nice Sweet Meat: Thoughts about tearing into religion this holiday season?

Hopefully you won’t be reading or watching much political mess this Thanksgiving, but to keep you up to speed let me give you a quick lesson in pseudos and then show you how that applies to even our most precious of happy times, our holidays.   

The following are blatantly false, generalized statements that were actually published giving the illusion that they were written by someone with a brain.  All were written by Linda Seger of the Huffington Post.  Pseudos Lesson #3:  The Huffington Post part is a dead giveaway that she, in actuality, does not have a brain.  Ms. Seger is most popular for her insistence that the reason blacks do not hold an equal amount of seats in government, as CEO’s and at NASA, is because the rich white man still has an intentional and absolute strangle hold on the black race.  Whether she is correct in her assumptions or not, that is not her goal.  Don’t think for a second her goals are that lofty.  The Pseudos underlying message that she spouts is aimed at preparing us to mistrust all major companies and government organizations run by rich, white men.  I just want to give you a warm up example of how some people would like us to give up on some things we really like, like civility.   I don’t think I have to explain the Pseudos present here in the following statements. 

Pseudos Statement #1

 “A number of conservative (usually rich) Republicans have said that discrimination is a thing of the past, and that we should cut all affirmative action programs. In many cases, conservatives don’t see the social structures that keep problems in place, but see problems as individual problems.” and “Those who haven’t been discriminated against, don’t think it exists.”- Linda Seger

Pseudos Statement #2  

“Conservative Christians often say that these have to be solved through repentance and through becoming more “Christian”.   This is often their answer to every problem and it’s easy to see that this Christian administration (G.W. Bush admin.) is no proof of this approach.” – Linda Seger

Pseudos Statement #3

 “Liberals and Progressives are more often apt to deal in complexity. They want to research, to try to figure out the causes, to try to figure out what can be done to fix it. They often see that the problem exists because of social structures, not because of the lack of ability of various genders or races.” – Linda Seger

What the underlying messages in these statements really say to us:

1.            We should give up on being against racism because unless you have been a victim of racism you don’t know what it feels like and therefore you don’t know what you are talking about.  If we are born wealthy and white we should succumb to being racist.  End of discussion.

2.            There is no proof that things improve through trial and error.  We never learn anything that way.  We also never catch any more flies with honey.  All that love thy neighbor as if you would want to be loved is all hooey.  Being more giving, more teacher than check writer, more selfless and Christ-like has rarely worked out for anyone.  So, let’s give up on being like that too.

3.            Believers in God are simpletons and therefore should not be invited to discussions of important complex issues.  They tend to simplify things and the goal here as everyone knows is to complicate things.  However, we don’t want to complicate social issues with any factual, possibly “profiling” details such as gender, age, race, and religion or citizenship status when looking for a solution to problems.  So from now on can we please refer to each other only as the number we will be soon issued by our government…because we live in China now.  AAAAH!  When did we move to China?   

My interpretation of her Pseudos is harsh, but it is what she is saying.   I know I’m just a housewife and she is a brilliant writer, but I know when I’m being f’d over.  That’s what housewives know best as a matter of fact. 

If you think you are basically a good person and you try hard for your family, don’t for a minute let someone who believes in nothing tell you anything.  You take those Pollyanna traits you stuffed way deep down inside after the 80’s ended and flaunt them again.  Don’t wear the big lacey collar and big bow or anything, but don’t be ashamed of being nice.  Don’t question yourself about who these people say who you believe to be your neighbor and who you treat as such.  They don’t know you and they don’t have a clue about who actually runs this country.  Her message is of the classic Pseudos nature and is intended to make me feel like shit about myself and my country.  This holiday season, some people will be out in force to make you feel terrible about where you are from, what you believe and what you do with your money.  Why on earth would anyone want to hurt little ol’ us?  The truth is I don’t know.  I do know that there are some people who just want us to get in line so that they can experience what they refer to as real power.  When you submit to this way of negative thought you are just feeding their experience, their kingdom.  Your kingdom is not your own, therefore you have no kingdom.

I invite you to experience your own perfect holiday kingdom by truly enjoying the people and things closest to you.  Pretend you are the Queen or King and that you will bestow benevolence to all whom you come in contact with.  The holidays are an excellent excuse to try and do things differently than you normally would.  I dare you to try and really experience not just Christmas, but Thanksgiving and the New Year as well.  Really try to be nice to everyone you come in contact with.  Appreciate something about someone you have no reason to.  Read my thoughts on the following and make a choice about whether or not to get bogged down in what you know about the holidays or in contrast, what you really want to experience during them.   

The following are some points about our culture I really think we should all be more honest about.  And some other things we know are the truth given the times we live in…

Religion pushes both liberally thinking and conservative thinking people away.  Though for liberals, it totally freaks them out and understandably so.  But, Christianity, according to the Bible should not do that.  That’s right.  Bible beating is okay if you don’t beat someone else’s Bible or try to make them beat yours.  Okay, that didn’t come out exactly right. 

There are the conservatives who work very hard and have become very successful on their own so they tend to not like the idea of giving up so much control and time, not to mention money.  Some more liberal thinkers, who are naturally prone to want to think out of the box, don’t like the idea of not knowing… Well, that’s about it.  They just don’t like the idea of not knowing everything, period.  

Then there are the people whose parents were overbearing, overprotective, maybe very religious or not, and who therefore tend to veer away from religion for the fear of being imprisoned again by pointless rules.  So many of my generation grew up with overprotective parents and never saw one lick of verification that all that protection was necessary.  They never personally saw war; never even suffered a natural disaster.  In a way, compared to our grandparents who in many ways had to “grow up early,” due to war and depression, we haven’t “had” to grow up at all.  Our parents placed us smack dab in the safest, most boring places on Earth for a reason.  But now that safety seems kind of like a sprawling pointless prison.

That’s how many people see religion, further, a church as a voluntary prison.  Some people therefore tie the holidays into that as well.   But that is looking at religion all wrong.  The very truest basics of the majority of all religions are not rules to imprison a person, but to keep them alive.  Just look at the kosher laws of Judaism.  These are meant to protect the human from bacteria and other diseases that come from unclean practices.  Their practice is not just a sign of subservience alone, but rather a practice done in gratitude and necessity.  Some people want you to believe that religion is the root of all evil instead of a mechanism for keeping us from bringing evil upon ourselves because of our inherent humanness.  God knows we can’t help but mess up.  The holidays help us forgive ourselves for that by giving us a chance to do something about it.  We let ourselves be a little less prideful and self-loathing.  We can’t let anyone take that from us.  We’d all go crazy- or maybe that’s the goal.

The holidays are the newest way to pseudosically send messages of secularism (anti-God) and anti-Americanism.  Some people truly do not want the traditional celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas to continue.  They will tell you those believers don’t really believe and that if there was anything Christ-like about Thanksgiving or Christmas that those traditions are long gone.  Basically, their main pseudos message is that there is no point in trying to recreate those traditional feelings because they were made up under false pretenses. 

I’ll tell you what the point of trying is. 

Once people come to appreciate people who believe in Christ, even if they themselves do not believe, religions of all types become more readily appreciated.  Quite the opposite of becoming more close minded and intolerant as secularists would have you believe.  Coincidentally, once you practice looking for the pseudos in people, things and events, you start to notice something else, the truly good in people, things and events.  Practicing this will make your experience the most true and most memorable in all situations every day. 

They say there is a particular road map you must follow to gain eternal life in Heaven, but it has nothing to do with whether or not you are Catholic, Buddhist, Baptist or Jehovah Witness.  Christmas and Thanksgiving are likewise celebrations of Jesus himself and being Christian like to each other.  Nothing more, nothing less.    For those of you who are already confused, the Native Americans were also acting Christian-like even though they were not Christians.    It was not just the Pilgrims who acted Christian like.  That’s what made it work.  That’s what made the event special.  If you want me to say the Pilgrims acted more Native-American/Christian like I will.   Stick with me, guys.   I’m just trying to make a point here.  Jesus said there is, but one church… His.  So, should we associate any particular religion and therefore its faults as a religious body with the simple original intentions of celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas or the New Year?  We often struggle to follow Christ’s example of extravagant grace, but does that mean we should just give up and shred the last ounce of random kindness we get out of people during the holiday season for the sake of political correctness?  The last I heard, political correctness didn’t die for all of humanity.  Here’s a suggestion.  Let’s not do that.    

Let me tell you a little story about John Adams and the first agreements our forefathers made together.  Mr. Glen Beck tells this story too, I believe.  It’s a good one. 

While our forefathers were struggling to come up with the Declaration of Independence for this country it was suggested that they open the first meeting of the Continental Congress with prayer.  The men in the room began to murmur to each other and huff as they were of all different kinds of religions.  The Catholic thought he could not pray with an Episcopalian and the same went for many others who bore religious inhibitions and differences.   The future president thought as the bonds that drew this crowd together began to unravel, this could be their very first act together as a working God fearing free nation or their very first failure.  The sermon of George Whitfield was recalled by John Adams.  It went something like this:

“Father Abraham, are there any Presbyterians in heaven? The answer came back, no.

Father Abraham, are there any Episcopalians in heaven? No.

Are there any Quakers or Baptists or Methodists in heaven? No, none.

So then Whitefield asked, Father Abraham, who is in heaven?

The answer came back: Christians.  This story moved the men to pray together regardless of the minor differences in their Christian beliefs.  In that first trusting sentiment, they agreed to disagree, strengthening them into a force capable of winning independence from Great Britain.  Bet you didn’t want to think of the 4th of July as a religious holiday too, but oh, well!  Welcome to America, Jack!      

There are many hundreds of thousands of good people out there that you may never identify as being Christian or identify them as practicing any one type of religion.  This is because according to the Bible, one’s heart must be open to receive the message of God.   People can’t talk turkey about God with each other unless they’re ready to talk Turduckin‘.  It’s deep and very rich.  The truth is, some people either can’t handle it or just plain don’t like it.  Whether through the need of help or need of answers, the door to receive an understanding of God must be open.  You can’t just go around telling people about what you believe if they don’t want to hear about it.  Why do you think I had to self-publish? 

Thanksgiving is upon us and I can’t help but think of how much we’ve grown accustomed to glazing over Thanksgiving Day.  We call it Turkey Day or the day before Black Friday.  How Ironic is it that the new holiday we celebrate and probably prepare more for be called “Black Friday”.  We go straight from Halloween to Christmas these days and all we have to show for it in the end are some enormous ass bills and a huge dose of buyer’s remorse.  Or maybe that’s just last year. 

In the case of Thanksgiving Day, we teach our kids more about the hardships the Native Americans suffered decades after the Pilgrims came than the actual sharing of knowledge and friendship that led to the survival of those brave people and therefore the future of our country.   The story is still there, but it is jaded and heavy with exposition.  Somehow our celebrating the actual history of Thanksgiving is now a superficial celebration of the white man.  The less guilty option: Turkey Day.  The horrors to befall the Native Americans during the growth of this country will never be forgotten and probably never ever forgiven.  Ever-ever.  And rightfully so.  Isn’t that exactly why we need to make sure we uphold the one holiday we have where we celebrate needing to be true to the religion we practice whether Pilgrim or Native.  We have to teach each other how we can get along with each other so that we may reside in this land we call America together forever in peace.  We will all need each other again at some point, so let’s start practicing that again.  We’ll start again this Thursday, a day we Americans call Thanksgiving Day.  A day we thank God we had enough balls to have respect and love for those we had no reason to love or respect. 

So, you want an example of Pseudos being used to diminish the importance of the Christmas holiday too?  The Pseudos message is that Christians adopted or stole (whatever makes you feel better) a pagan holiday and called it Christmas.  Well, that’s true, they did steal it, but do you want to know why?  Not if you’re an atheist, I guess, but I’ll tell you anyway.  December 25th is a great day to celebrate on for several reasons.  Pagans felt this way because it is a very powerful day in the universe astrologically and metaphysically.  I guess since astrology and metaphysics take math skills to figure out and those who believe in God are supposed to not understand complicated math, secularists must have naturally thought Christians didn’t know this.  The position the earth is in during that day is called the winter solstice which is an astrophysical phenomenon not just a day for doing pagan rituals.  Spiritual leaders of many different faiths say the spirits in all of the universe celebrate spiritual birth on this day.  Why shouldn’t we?  Furthermore, the pagan rituals which Christians adopted are all appropriate for celebrating the birth of Christ as well as nature and all that He represents.  So if you think Christmas is just Christians being hypocritical pagans, you’d be one who is believing the Pseudos.  And for the record, there is nothing un-Christian about Santa Clause.  He’s a saint for Christ’s sake!

Also, if you have doubts about why, if Christmas is to be about Jesus’ birth, do we seemingly superficially and gluttonously buy so many presents, cheap decorations, etc.  Well, the answer is simple.  Blessings are so much better when they are celebrated.  People are able to get more bang for their buck these days and let’s face it.  Things have gotten a bit gaudy.  HOW WONDERFUL!   If someone gives you a gift of money do you have more fun spending it on bills or would it be better enjoyed treating your friends to the movies with popcorn and all the goodies they could stand?  I hope you are thinking the latter, you big Scrooge!

I know many of you will be giving to or volunteering for your favorite charities and that is something that should be a part of all our traditions.  However, don’t let yourself get pulled too thin and ragged to spend quality love on your close friends, neighbors and family.  Think about all the good you do and be happy with yourself.  Here’s the secret: when you practice looking for the Pseudos in the things, people and events that bombard you every day, you begin avoiding a lot of headaches.  You are learning to discern for yourself and for your family what is truly bad for you.  Something else happens too.  When you are able to pick out the Pseudos, you have inadvertently strengthened your ability to see the truly good in things, people and events that are pertinent to you and your future. 

This Thanksgiving, thinking about what you want and don’t have is the very best way to ruin your holiday.  I heard a wise man say that recently.  And the easiest way to have the best holiday is to think about what you do have and be thankful for it.  You don’t have to keep it simple this year, just love thy neighbor because the holidays themselves are simply about that.