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Pro-Choice Lobbyists Paint Themselves into a Tight Corner

By Lacee Alysse

“What if it were a rural situation?” Alisa LaPolt Snow, a lobbyist with the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates says to the question she still believes is hypothetical. “Again, I’ll ask you,” said the legislator looking to pass a law in reference to what to do when a baby is born alive in a botched abortion. “So, it is just really hard for me to even ask you this question because I’m almost in disbelief,” said Rep. Jim Boyd. “If a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want to have happen to that child that is struggling for life?”

“I really don’t know how to answer that…” she replied at an apparent loss for words. It isn’t so much that she is a cold and heartless person as it would seem for answering in such a removed manner. It is far more disturbing that she apparently has no authority to answer that question. When another lawmaker asks her specifically what Planned Parenthood does when such a scenario happens at its clinics, she simply said, “I do not have that information.” Some might argue that she is not a doctor and therefore is unaware of general procedures in such situations, but clearly there is another reason she dare not wade into those murky verbal waters when Snow had said earlier that Planned Parenthood’s primary objection to the legislation is that it doesn’t include a “neutrality clause” that would make clear it does not change the legal status of a baby before being born alive.

Later, a popular spokesperson and supporter of the Democratic Party and the Planned Parenthood organization was asked to respond to Snow’s response to that question on Fox News. While admitting Ms. Snow was for a lack of better words an idiot, she supported the woman’s delusion by saying “that sort of thing just doesn’t happen”. She insists the situation where a baby is actually born instead of aborted within the womb as planned is pure fiction. I guess she didn’t understand the question either.

Let’s ask the question in the simplest of terms. The question is as all human beings with ears and souls can understand: What do abortion doctors do when a fetus is unexpectedly born in to the world and is laying on the table struggling for life? The liberal, secular, pro-abortion, ultra-feminist agenda crusaders do not acknowledge this question. It does not exist to them. It is strictly a hypothetical.

Well it was…until now. While the science of what is actually going on in a woman’s womb on a day to day basis in regards to the growth of an “in-womb human” is slowly catching up to them, we may have just gotten a brutal dose of insight. The precious veil that pro-abortionists so firmly hold over the horror of what has been sucking women in for decades, is about to fall.

A doctor has been found to have been botching abortions, killing the live babies that are delivered, and occasionally killing women with dirty tools and malpractice. It is unknown at this point how many women came to this man, money in hand, knowing what a monster he really was, but when his motto according to the physician himself was “to give them a guaranteed death” I have to think this was a man who had all the excuses in the world to be and do evil. And what I mean by that is that the society he was living in gave him no reason to fear he wasn’t doing what he should. Doctors in the area familiar with Dr. Kermit Gosnell, estimate he must have aborted or murdered over 40,000 fetuses and/or babies, or whatever you feel comfortable calling tiny, helpless humans. When they are done counting the amputated baby feet, heads and other body parts he collected as trophies, they’ll have a more accurate estimate.

Now back to the question, now not so hypothetical. Out of all of these thousands of women who paid a licensed physician to end their pregnancy, if there had been just one that had not been over-sedated and had been aware of the unexpected live birth of her child and she had requested that the child be called an ambulance, should the law require the abortion clinic to have done so or use the doctor’s discretion or neither?

Still, there is silence. From the left, from the pro-abortionists and not surprisingly, there is no comment from the Whitehouse. He apparently doesn’t have authority to speak about this either. “The President cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.” says Jay Carney, Whitehouse spokesperson. Although, the Whitehouse is able to comment on what they think caused the bomber of the Boston Marathon to do what he/she/it did. Problems with taxes are what I think they threw out there. Odd no one in the Whitehouse feels compelled to say a word about a gruesome crime scene where authorities have found without a doubt that an enormous, historic amount of babies were born in an abortion clinic and then killed.

“That just doesn’t happen.” I keep hearing in my head. Why on earth would she believe that this situation just doesn’t happen; not even on occasion in the abortion business? What health care business has a zero fault rate? What are the odds of 750 different business locations each conducting on average 40,000 different business transactions and not one of them ever having a total halt of the line every once in a while? I’m not as convinced of the 100% as the pro-abortionists seem to be.

40,000 children wanted or not, are not in this world and died horrible deaths because a doctor was supported like an asset to the community. Maybe not in a traditional sense, but we know he was supported financially at the very least. The community wanted him providing his services, no questions asked. There is no other way around that strange fact. As bizarre as that sounds, what exactly makes Dr. Gosnell’s situation so special? How many other community supported abortion physicians have failed to perfectly rid the mother of the entity inside of her and had to make that God-like decision on their own? How many more deaths in this manner will hypothetically be okay with your community? What about if they were 45 hypothetical minutes away from an Emergency room as Ms. Snow proposes?

What the spokesperson for Planned Parenthood on Fox said later in the interview was even more interesting. “Well, this is what women used to be subjected to in back allies and the like.” Implying, the situation would be like this all the time if we didn’t have legal abortion doctors. Yes, it did used to be a lot harder to kill your own baby for no medical reason whatsoever. It’s called infanticide in the real world and it is against the law.

If you have a legitimate medical problem that threatens your life eminently, abortion is and always has been a medically necessary and legal operation to have. If this unfortunately happens to you, you usually are so sick you barely even comprehend you’ve had to have an abortion. If you survived, when you woke up the natural grief of losing your child early would hit you and never leave you again.

How do I know? Well, I can tell you that without a doubt, if it were not for abortion, I would not be here today. My mother developed a rare form of preeclampsia during her first pregnancy that began to shut her organs down one by one, nearly killing her and killing the four month old baby within her. The next time my mother became pregnant, the same symptoms began to appear and the doctors fearing the worst highly recommended an abortion. They did this knowing they were saving her life. My mother wanted babies so badly, but it was clear she was not going to be able to have them if she lost another child due to preeclampsia, had further complications or died. The abortion was the only way to stop the death sentence that is preeclampsia. Luckily, my mother was eventually able to get pregnant again with me and have a normal healthy pregnancy. I was born and am now able to write this article. How about that?

The pregnancy after me was unfortunately plagued by preeclampsia again and she was again forced to abort that baby too. After that, there was no choice but to get her tubes tied. She now feels extremely blessed to have me, but as an only child, I know better than anyone that having just one child was never her intention. It was almost like she had let me down in some way, by not being able to give me a sibling. The truth is she was permanently scarred by the abortions of her children even though they were absolutely necessary. Psychologists say, nearly every woman is, whether they talk about it or not.

Men tell the women not to think about it like they do and women don’t know how not to think about it. Eventually, life forces them to store their grief in a giant ball of guilt and burry it way down deep in their gut. As women we have a natural ability to do that. We do that so we can get along with things, but don’t expect us to like it or even really to be mentally stable if you want the sad reality of it. It is outrageous that women are forced, whether physically or by social pressure to keep this experience to themselves. But this is the society we live in today. This is what kept this doctor practicing murder in an abortion clinic under wraps. The pro-choice agenda seems to be the federalization of neutral body parts. In other words, they want it legally written as though women have nothing special that allows them to bear children and therefore the sentiment of thinking that is misogynistic in nature. This is a true war on women and it is happening.

But here is where the light is in this horrifyingly dark situation. Pro-abortionists and the agenda driven liberal left know perfectly well that this question is not hypothetical. They were just hoping and fighting with all their might that no one would ever ask it. They have relied upon the silence of women and men alike who have a whole slew of reasons they don’t want to talk about abortion.

Now as human beings we are confronted with this demonstration of pure human destruction through mainstream media. People of all perspectives on this issue are stopping to try and get a grasp on this. New York Times and others are questioning why others aren’t covering the story, even if it’s for traditional reasons. Sorry, but “if it bleeds it leads”. As Kirstin Powers of The Daily Beast, passionately argues, “It should be front page news.” But for now, as inconspicuous as it is at the moment, probably due to the focus on recent terrorist acts on our country in the last few days, The New York Times commentary alone is all we need to see that very soon a new vain of this issue is emerging and we will have to answer this question for ourselves; writing it down somewhere, eventually into the law books and maybe less thought about, but no less significant, the insurance companies’ regulations books.

Regardless this horrible event will affect how we proceed as a nation. Mark my words. The beautiful part of this is that we don’t have to wait for pro-abortionist to answer. Like Pesci in My Cousin Vinnie says to the star witness in the prosecution’s case, “It’s okay. They know.” And humans like me are beginning to write it down. Here I go!

The answer, in case you are wondering is: Yes, you send the newborn to an emergency room no matter how long it takes to get there. The problem the crusaders have with admitting this is because the answer reveals there is no notable scientific difference between a child in or out of the womb. This is a definition they don’t want anyone to speak of or write down; especially lawmakers and insurance companies. And also in case you were wondering there is no such thing as a post birth abortion. What this refers to is the intentional killing of a live baby by request. This is against the law and is absolutely the business of the politicians and legislators, as pro-abortionists tend to argue it is not. Planned Parenthood had no right to lobby against the legislators on this case and now they have really trapped themselves in a corner I’m not so sure they can get out of.

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