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The Church of Texas

So, Obamacare supporters, if you think you are on the winning side of things let me turn you around so you can see the back side of your head. Here’s my little mirror. Do you see it? It’s the bullet hole smoking in the middle.

We were sitting in the bathroom stall with a shaky gun pointed at our head and Obama just broke in and went ahead and pulled the trigger for us. If you hadn’t heard the “great news” just in time for the 4th of July holiday, we are about to be Canada, which is basically the same as committing suicide for any real American.

My husband’s boss is Canadian and when he visits here, he cannot believe how good we live here. He had no idea that our founding principles of commerce and competition were so absolutely relevant to our economy until he saw it with his own eyes and was able to compare.

Sigh. We were so lucky we were able to stick with our founding fathers’ wishes for so long. Now that is all about to change. If you’re not completely freaking out right about now, you should be. Trust me, everyone has something to lose. Here are some very recent numbers for you. I know you hate numbers as much as I do, but trust me these numbers are pretty easy to comprehend.

Canada’s tax rate is now about 55%. That means if you live in Canada over half of your money is the government’s. That’s it. Not to mention the fact that if that trend holds it won’t be long until 55% of the days you can’t go outside and 55% of the boys are actually girls, by our standards. That’s pretty devastating’ ey’. I’m soary.

Oh, wait! I forgot about the sales taxes in Canada. There are three different things they tax you for on every single item you buy. Goods and Services Tax (GST), and Provincial Sales Tax (PST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in some provinces, will be added at the time or purchase. Here in Texas we don’t have an extra income-tax, but we’re probably about to get that too. Are you ready for this “change”? I didn’t think so.

Sounds like it’s about time we start our own church and become a tax free, non-profit organization. And when I say we, I mean our whole damn state of Texas. I’m serious. It’ll be the church of Texas, where all like-minded souls can practice and preserve their traditional way of life, which of course includes their money.

Sound ridiculous and drastic? This is how the Freemason’s came to be way back in the 15th century. There were no banks or any organizations to protect your individual interests back then. Imagine trying to get a business loan from the King? They formed a “secret” (more like under the radar) savings and loan operation that was protected from the greedy clutches of the establishment. More importantly they formed this organization backed with hidden wealth so that if the establishment failed it wouldn’t, couldn’t, take them down with it. I suspect they are still doing this today. As for the rest of us, we may have to do something just as drastic, just so that we can have something to contribute to our kids’ future other than extreme debt.

Think about it. Suddenly we could all take advantage of discounted products bought by and then provided by our non-profit, tax-free privileged church. It’s basically a bank, but we’ll call it a church. Even though we’d have to file for non-profit status with the government, it would remain “under the radar” as much as possible to protect it from the IRS and SEC Nazis, but I’m sure there are some radical Muslim American “churches” out there we can get some advice from.

How it works is, everyone who has something to contribute to the cause and wants to preserve their wealth can “volunteer” these items to the “church” with the strict understanding that they can get all of that back anytime they want. What would be even better would be that if the wealth were to be converted into a gold/precious metal backed currency. I hear you chuckling. You laugh now, but if Texas had its own established currency, one that we were already using to trade with among ourselves, we wouldn’t be so worried about the dollar collapsing. We’ll probably have to secede from America to really protect it if the dollar ever did collapse, but that’s a different story. Well actually it’s part of the same story, but a little more hypothetical than most are willing to go right now. I’m just sayin’.

How ironic would it be if all the people who don’t like religion had to join one, just to be able to survive! Extreme tactics are the way my friends. Extreme stealth tactics are the only way to beat Obama’s extreme pseudos tactics and get him and his cronies the hell out of office so that we can salvage what’s left of our country. Everything else at this point is just noise. It sounds a lot like letting the air out of your tires, doesn’t it.






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