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Jesus Has a Lame Haircut

Our culture is being conditioned to make individuals want to be part of a mob.  Everywhere you go it’s “keep up with everyone whatever you’re doing wherever you are…as long as it’s not Fox News”.  It sometimes seems as if you’re not a part of a mob you’re not a part of anything.  You’re alone.  Is this not the truth?  Of course it is.  It is the truth they use to lie to you… to lead you astray.  This is the definition of Pseudos.  The other part of the truth that is unmentioned is that it is okay to be alone. People who produce and cultivate Pseudos conveniently leave that out.  They dismiss the thought that you might just think better alone.  You must confer with the group or you will surely fail.  The problem with that is knowing deep down that in reality we are ultimately on our own.  We will all face that final frontier alone, so why depend on a collective Hollywood society (of all things) for your deepest self-preserving questions?  Does the group want to save you or itself… ultimately?  Therein lies the truth that I speak of.  If you don’t have the balls to find out the mysteries of life for yourself, I guess you don’t deserve to know the truth.

I know that there are several reasons why people don’t seek to know the truth for themselves; especially when it comes to figuring out the most difficult or mysterious people on earth.  However I tend to think the top two reasons are: #1 pride and coming in a close second would be laziness.  Depending on who you are these positions may be reversed, but for the most part, I think people decide they are too afraid, too removed, too angry, too intelligent or too dumb to figure out complicated things like Christianity, for example.  According to our historical records, Jesus is the most famous person on earth.  Almost everyone on the planet has heard His name at least once.  So why doesn’t everyone want to find out for themselves who this guy was/is?  We see a new cute guy on American Idol and half the country fires up their smart phone or computer to get the full bio.  We can’t wait for every little detail to come out with the star’s wants and likes.  We not so secretly hope we will run into him someday and he will want and like us.

Hmm, I wonder why someone would think so hard about one particular celebrity whether we like them or not and choose not to do any if at all research on Jesus?

No, I’m just kidding.  I don’t wonder.  I know.  The guy on American idol is easy to get.  I don’t mean necessarily, in the promiscuous manner.  I mean, the truth about themselves that it is put out for you to consume is only skin deep.  They can’t and won’t let you know the real, complicated, weak, sometimes confused, them.  Once you become a celebrity, the real person that’s kept secret is all you have left.  Most don’t even have that anymore.  What they put out for you is all for you.  It’s fun.  It’s juicy.  It’s couture.

My point is that Jesus seems to be one of these people that more people should look into for their own self-preservation even if at this time it doesn’t “float your boat”.  If you don’t like what you find out, that’s one thing.  But if you never even crack a Bible, ask a true Christian or watch a documentary about Jesus on the History Channel, who are you to say you know anything about anything?  Everyone knows about Jesus’s name you don’t want to know for yourself why that is?  Well, I doubt you will muster up the desire because Jesus had a lame haircut.  You more than wanted to know why people thought Justin Bieber was worth a damn.  That’s why you watched that awesome, totally unedited, truthful depiction of his life and got your Bieber or sadly a Biebett haircut.  Maybe you think Jesus is passé and that was something people were in to in the 60’s.  Just look at their haircuts.  I’ll have you know, that in the revelations part of the Bible, Jesus is a tattooed Fabio looking stud.  Riding a horse and wielding a huge weapon no less.  Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Wink. Wink.

Look, it’s all about perspective.  Oprah is a very gernerous soul.  She wants to take care of everybody.  I’m sure she would if she could too.  Oprah thinks there are lots of ways to believe in God and therefore you can go to Heaven if you just pick one.  What was that?  Hey, everyone the Oprah network has made it easier than ever to get into Heaven.  Oprah’s Heaven.

Yes, I have to agree the experience is different for everyone, but the only way to get to God’s house is to understand what he did for you.  Oprah is so giving, she wants everyone to go to Heaven, but I guess she also believes not everyone is capable of liking what they hear.  She wants everyone to like what she says, so she does not tell you what you really need to do.  She believes in Jesus, but for you, that’s different.  She says it’s okay if you don’t want to say the name Jesus and still get into Heaven.  Really? That’s like going to someone’s home for a spectacular dinner, not acknowledging how nice the dinner was and expecting desert.

According to the Bible and other historical references we have concluded that the whole reason crazy humans will be allowed into Heaven is because of how Jesus made man and God understand each other.  Everything, even aside from all the miracles, everything He did that we consider realistic, or in other words would cause you to believe the human Jesus existed, has been proven to be true.  If that’s true and even some of the things that were not so realistic like huge, unfathomable battles were archaeologically proven to have happened, maybe there are some truths we haven’t proven true but are.

How many of you believe in Davy Crockett?  Without looking it up, please.  How many of you “believe” in Davy Crockett?  Sounds silly doesn’t it.  I guess I should say do you know of Davy Crockett’s existence if that is all I simply mean to ask.  Hmm, that sounds lame too, but the questions are the same.  Of course I “believe” in Davy Crockett’s existence because I understand and know a lot about his story.  I even know of a little perfect town he founded called Honey Grove, Texas.  Will it change your belief system if said I believe he was involved in a tragic yet miraculous battle that among other actions caused a loyalty among men that would forever be unbroken and unshaken by the fear of death?

Now, I ask again.  Do you believe in Jesus?  Do you say no because you know nothing about his story even if you know of his existence?   I understand we can all act weird when it comes to talking to someone we are really in love with.  This includes God.  We have too much pride to admit we don’t know much truth about Jesus so we simply say we don’t believe or don’t have to “believe”.  We say if God really loves us back, he wouldn’t make us have to do something as trivial as acknowledging His son, Jesus.  Hmm, is that how we treat people we love?  We don’t acknowledge their pride and joy because ours is more important?

I “believe” in order to know the truth, what we have to do is quite the contrary.  I think we all have a good chance at surviving whatever comes our way the more we all seek the truth instead of settling for what the group does.  This is especially true when it comes to knowing about the most famous person who ever lived among us and having something nice to say about Him when we meet his dad.  It’s just the polite thing to do really.