Deciphering the truth in a culture of false.

Liberals Got Talent Part Dux

So it comes down to the way we think. Yep, thinking. It’s something we should do at all times, even when we’re tired. Each side, Left wingers and Right wingers have their own ideals and philosophies of life that are mainly polar opposites of each other, with some scattered gray spots in between. This should spark passion and debate on both sides feeding a fire that likely will burn eternally. This process is natural and extremely beneficial for our country as we strive to better our people and the laws by which we govern ourselves. Liberal thoughts are helpful to everyone who wants to make important life decisions in these days of uncertainty.  For example, do I want to be a pimp or a whore?

None the less, I suspect something about our ever changing culture is becoming skewed.  I like it to say it’s a change in our “cultural conscience”.  Not to get too Freud on you, but I explain it like this.  Our cultural conscience is a part of our three layer consciousness that helps us decide how we should behave in our particular society.  Like a filter function that is malfunctioning, it makes us confused about what she would get defensive about; more to the point, what we should lie about.

A good friend of mine once elloquently gave me a philosophical perspective.  He said, “When a cuttlefish changes its shape and color, it is effectively lying.. representing itself as something other than what it is in order ot elicit a desired reaction or instill a particular perception in another creature.  Just as animals might react to physical displays of (false) confidence, so do people respond to more subtle intellectual and psychological deceptions.  We may qualify these as more intricate or elaborate when acted out by humans, but are they really any different… particularly with regard to effect and affect?”

I would have to agree that we may be just innocently reacting to our environment no different than in nature.  But the difference between the animals and us is that we aren’t responding to the real dangers anymore nor are we responding with the appropriate defenses.  When complacency is rewarded we condition ourselves to think our anxiety is unwarranted and therefore unwanted.  Our natural internal defense system becomes pointless.  It’s like wearing pink camouflage.  It has no purpose except that it makes for a cuter target.

The conservatism in our culture is in danger (but not endangered) of becoming so unpopular we can’t help but hurt ourselves. In this technological boom of communication those who are the communication royalty: i.e. media owners, actors, writers, directors… you get the picture, can try and control what is popular. This is dangerous because these are people who are creative geniuses. Their job is to create fantasy. The more provocative, the better. Anyone who knows anything about the media knows the rule that “If it bleeds, it leads.” What if we started making, instigating or enabling rather, more drama in our lives because that is the kind of stimulus we’re used to. In search of more passion among each other, we have found the fastest way to get a passionate response is to instigate drama.

There are two types of people in the world.  Those who watched soap operas as a child religiously and those and those who thought soap operas were stupid.  Those who like drama and those who cannot stand it.  The avoiders of the drama and the lawyers. Isn’t that who we are really fighting here folks? We’re not actually fighting the minds of celebrities and eccentric actors.  They’re just the puppets, the players, the pretty little weapons of mass destruction.  We are up against the brain jar trust behind them.  You know, those powerful, stinking, every dramatic detail-loving lawyers hell-bent on creating their own universal laws for a fair and beautifully civilized world. Whatever that is. Picture the world where there is no brutally unfair nature like bee stings or beef, no mention of and no notion for that matter of God; only technology, only business, only workers and kings. Sounds like the Borg. Resistance is futile.

The most sensitive to this type of marketing is our youth and really all those who have a need to maintain a popular image right? Wait. Isn’t that everyone? It seems very popular these days for the Liberal and secular based media to use psychological tactics to sway our way of thinking. Right now I’m thinking that if I stay young, if I act immaturely and if I totally distrust my government, only then will I truly have achieved freedom. Wait. Should I hate my parents too? But, now, that is totally contrary to what I thought being a productive, responsible, freedom loving American adult was.

Well, now. Let’s really look at that. Let’s say now the Republicans are our parents. Republicans tend to be very protective which leads to the general feeling that we’re being taught to fear and to not think for ourselves. At least that’s what I thought when I was an immature teen who knew everything. And just like parents who spoil their kids, the Democrat parents want to give their children (The People) anything and everything that they want regardless of the consequences of doing so. They do this at any cost because they believe it will make their children (The People) like them. Or in other words, make them popular.

Popular therefore translates to what the people want. It does not necessarily mean it’s good for The People. Example: Internet usage by youth (age 12-17) is up 75% from since just the year 2000. (By the results of a new survey compiled by the Pew Internet & American Life Project) But as truly a popular celebrity and conservative, Miley Cyrus says to the youth who obsess over the internet, “It is a dangerous waste of your life.”

Some celebrities, oh, who are we kidding? Most celebrities living in Hollywood are confusing celebrity status with being popular, but that doesn’t matter. No one’s going to tell them differently. Hollywood is its own planet. Celebrities who are self -centered are prone to believe others must believe as they do or else they wouldn’t be as popular as they are. They confuse celebrity magazine with worldwide, every man’s man popularity. Many are absolutely positive that they would not be where they are today if others did not possess the same popular state of mind as they did. “Let me be the first to say that I would be thrilled if America’s health-care system is anywhere near as functional as the post office.” – Bill Maher. According to the Forbes 2010 list, a mail carrier working for the United States Post Office has one of the worst jobs in the United States. (No offence, Aunt Gloria.) I don’t know about you Bill, but I don’t think doctors want their jobs becoming one of the top ten worst occupations in America. Neither do you. They might start practicing medicine somewhere else, like in Europe. We’re told it’s luxurious there.

Bill Maher and other outspoken liberals like him are completely out of touch. But who’s going to tell him different? Ha, ha, ha. I once watched a clip of Bill Maher telling the story of how ridiculous it would look to an alien coming to our world and finding out how many people believe in Jesus. Maybe you’ve seen it? While the crowd around me stared, their mouths agape, he went on and on about how hilariously absurd the story of Jesus was whilst his host, Jon Stewart manufactured as much promotional laughter he could muster. I was shocked not just by the mocking, but by Bill Maher’s egotistical body language and how Jon Stewart was so willing to go along with the “joke.” It wasn’t even funny. If I were the Devil himself, I wouldn’t think it funny. I will sadly confess that Jon Stewart was on my list of people you can trust until that very moment. I believed, although a liberal, he possessed great intelligence, a big heart and a real grasp of what was really completely ridiculous about some of our more serious political issues.

However, after 9/11 something changed in him. I believe he was so hurt by the tragedy that it turned something inside him to anger. Now, I don’t think he knows who to blame for that anger and so it is festering into a hatred of anything or anyone that reminds him of the tragedy. Because conservatives will always remember 9/11 as Texans remember the Alamo, the battle calls over religious issues will always ring louder in Jon’s ears. He blames those who talk about it as inciting more violence. I think he believes the conservatives’ insistence on fighting about it is just the same as the violence acted upon us by terrorists. This is Pseudos.

I used to be a die-hard fan of Jon’s as I’m sure lots of Christians once were; pot smokers or not. Believe it or not, a long-long, long, long, long time ago, many of us used to actually trust the Daily Show to give them the strait scoop on the news. We liked the switch from “If it bleeds it leads.” The popularity of the Daily Show once proved its worth as a way to positively relay news to those who weren’t paying attention to world events, but has dropped from 2 million viewers a night in 2008 to about 1 million today. That sounds about right, considering probably half of his viewers considered themselves Christian conservatives who no longer hear balanced, humorously presented news anymore, but a series of cheap shots aimed at ideals they hold very dear. Apparently, not only can we be swayed by celebrity Pseudos, but celebrities as well can buy into each other’s Pseudos even when it makes them completely out of sync with their fans, the ordinary Americans.

I would just love to see someone like Charlie Sheen (one of my favorite actors, by the way) begin a speech in the small town of Fredericksburg, Texas with an “I think I speak for everyone here” speech. The laughter would be so loud I doubt he’d ever get to finish that sentence, even if he was just going to comment on the superiority of Fredericksburg sausage over any other German sausage. I mean rather than his usual anti-government rhetoric. My point is, as much as most celebrities knowingly change their personalities based on whatever the cause is they should resolve to thinking that no one can really trust them exactly for that reason. In “flyover country” as the liberal left would say. It’s not that none of them do, it’s just that it’s hard for the everyday man’s man to believe that they understand normal everyday struggles and the common man’s priorities and so therefore they should not all be expected to be taken as seriously as they think we should. Let’s just compare priority chore lists between let’s say Sean Penn with someone like my dad. Okay, let’s not. A plumber would not be taken seriously if he started talking about how heart surgeons should do heart transplants. A plumber might miraculously know what he’s talking about but how could surgeons in their right mind take his advice on what they deal with every day? That would be highly illogical. Insane even!

This goes for celebrities on the Right as well as the Left. Governor Jesse Ventura. Uh, the Crypt Keeper called and wants his hair back. I shouldn’t say that to a guy who was a Navy SEAL before there was such a thing as Navy SEALs, but I have to say I’d really like to kick his ass. He said he’d leave the country if Sarah Palin were elected President. He calls himself a patriot, but he’d leave the country be/c someone he didn’t like was elected to office. How could a soldier as tough as Jesse Ventura fold so quickly over a person such as Governor Palin? She’s not a dictator; she’s not a warlord… not a man. Maybe that’s what it’s all about? He hasn’t left because Obama is President. Does he like him better than Gov. Palin? What does she have to do to prove she can lead? Learn to wrestle underwater? Didn’t he see G.I. Jane? Sorry, I had to.


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