Deciphering the truth in a culture of false.

Liberals Got Talent

With bigger entities, it’s a bit harder to prove Pseudos, but the principle signs and reasons for lying are still the same: to gain popularity, not to do what is morally right. And how do entities communicate an immoral message they would like to become popular? They are marketing it through the huge biased and uncensored network that we call media communications.

“It is estimated that each American is exposed to well over 2,500 advertising messages per day, and that children see over 50,000 TV commercials a year.” “We believe we’re not affected by advertising because it is so often silly, trivial, and something we don’t pay conscious attention to. We flip through ads in magazines, speed by billboards, zone out during TV commercials. That according to Jean Kilbourne, who has been studying ads’ cultural impact for almost 20 years explains why sometimes, when I’m in the drive through line, I ponder why I am again spending my money on food that is horrible for me yet again. Afterward I zoom past provocative billboard after billboard and finally, while the third commercial on the radio (owned by “Bob” the phantom rich guy who shares a  genuine compassion for us music variety lovers and who took it upon himself to pioneer a station just for me) tells me about sexual stimulants for my possibly malfunctioning genitals.  I can’t help but get a little overwhelmed as I notice I indeed don’t feel stimulated at 2:00 in the afternoon.  I feel bloated, actually and wonder if I should move or get a boob job.  Suddenly, I hear a familiar jingle and  I start feeling better about everything because I remember for some odd reason that I indeed am loving it. The average American is exposed to more than 3000 ads a day and companies spend over $200 billion each year on advertising.

In the article “Practical Advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists” by Michael Brower, PhD, and Warren Leon, PhD: “The average American is exposed to about 3000 advertising messages a day, and globally corporations spend over $620 billion each year to make their products seem desirable and to get us to buy them.” “A conservative estimate has the average American consumer exposed to more than 850 commercial messages a day.”

The simple fact is that half the time we’re communicating without being face to face which breeds bad social behavior traits like a Petri dish. A person used to be able to look at someone and usually tell if they were lying or not about certain things. In this world of inescapable, saturating, interactive communication, lying has gone beyond a trend and become a staple in our lives as a mode of survival.

The most lucrative or otherwise most popular business to be in today is by far, communications. There’s no denying that the more people who socialize the more popular it is to be popular. The celebrities have this in the bag. They possess a certain set of talents that have put them on top. This is the innate ability to read other people and tell them what they want to hear. If they are really good they can actually make themselves more like you in order to fully be on your level. It’s a gift. Some used to say “the gift of gab.” You get along with so many more people if you are able to play any part you are asked to play. If communication is king- well, then that makes them the king of kings right now.

This is the one disturbing trend that many with more conservative ideas are realizing. They are now trying to speak up too for example with the Tea Party Movement, but it is a very tough battle to win. People of the Tea Party Movement sense there is big trouble ahead, but I don’t think they fully understand the depth of the liberal secularist Left Agenda’s arsenal. The talent, by far is on the liberal secularist side. Literally people think Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are crazy conservatives leading this conservative hostility towards the President; however they’re just being singled out because they are the loudest ones out of all of us. We appointed them to speak for our cause, because for the most part, by nature, conservatives think it’s rude to be so brutally honest in public.

So while very loud liberal secularists are a dime a dozen, we only have like a handful of extremely passionate people working for the conservative right cause. That’s not something to be proud of, but it’s the truth. Sean Hannity is extremely passionate, and maybe some think he’s a little too passionate, but not me. If he’s what’s stirring the pot, then let him stir! Every valid point that he is able to get across is all that counts. He may not always be accurate, as none of us are, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Sean Hannity would not lie. The truth, to him, is too exciting! Sure people will and do try to take Mr. O’Reilly, Miss Coulter, Hannity and now Governor Palin down with accusations of overzealously, racism and indiscretions they hope will bring them down to size. But if you think about that you’ll ask yourself, what size are we trying to bring them down to? Are we bringing them down to our level? A liberal secularist’s level? Are these indiscretions only to be had by those who don’t boast conservatism or honesty? And why do they need to be brought down with attacks? We don’t like people who might be better Americans then us? We don’t want to work as hard or be as honest or as God loving as they are, so let’s just bring them down to our level so that they….what? So they forget their beliefs? Surprise, people like Palin don’t do that.

The collectivist trends or mob-like mentality can be seen as a warning sign of Pseudos entities. Whenever an entity tells you that they can provide all the services you could ever want under one roof or when they try to say it is better to combine many different entities into one, you should be wary of why and how that would actually be better for you. Wal-Mart might be the exception to this rule, however I’m sure there are thousands of closed down mom and pop shops that have a differing opinion about that.

Political watchdogs, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, have both asked why there seems to be so much viral hostility coming from both sides during this time. I can’t explain the hostility other than I think it is just a symptom of the high anxiety we all feel in regards to our crashing country. The real reason we are being divided is a change in what I call the Cultural Conscience.

The liberal left media has no answer. Their contribution is blaming the division of the country on anyone who asks hard questions. EEEEEHH! (That was my buzzer sound. Maybe I should have made a GONG sound?) Sorry lazy left wing media. You can’t just repeat what the president says! The answer is not easy and what’s causing the uproar in our country cannot simply be blamed on a few people fighting. There is something much more substantial afoot here. Although it seems that for many in the Democratic Party of today that the decisions we make should be more about loyalty to the popular team than what is actually best for the country, no matter what the cost.


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