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PARENTS: Please Don’t Be So Naïve!

This morning’s follow-up report on the brutal slaying of little Leiby Kletzky leaves me a gasp.

This is so sad. Again, I hate it when I’m right. I just wrote about this just last week!  Did I not? I said parents have been telling their kids that it is inappropriate to look at strange people as “bad” people. This is a perfect example.  In this case the stranger was a monster. Do you believe me now, that monsters exist?

The report said this morning that all the kids in the neighborhood thought this man Aaron was creepy, that he used to stare at them and would frequently try to coax children into his house. NOT ONE OF THEM SAID ANYTHING TO THEIR PARENTS? Why? I’m not blaming the kids here, but the parents. Hey, I don’t live in their house, I don’t know if the parents ever taught their kids about strangers or not.  However, my theory is that they have been following the current trend which is to be politically correct even about monsters. Did these kids really think it would be better not to tell anyone about the strange behavior of the man and let it just become and urban legend?

When I was growing up, I thought my parents and the parents of my friends were a little paranoid about this, given we lived in a very safe suburb of Houston.  Still, there were creeps everywhere.  Anytime we were faced with someone we did not know we ran and told our parents.  Our parents would come out and make their presence known.  Usually, that is enough to keep strangers from coming back.  But, sometimes parents aren’t around so kids need to know it’s okay to run away- even run away screaming, rude as it might seem.  The bigger the scene the better.  My mother used to tell me that if I were ever being kidnapped by anyone to scream fire!  She said people tend to ignore little kids being dragged out of malls by mad-looking people.  If I scream fire they’ll all pay attention.  Good plan, I think.

If just one parent had listened and reported it to someone or even confronted Aaron, perhaps he would have never tried something like this.  Unfortunately it looks like the children in the neighborhood were not taught what to do in this situation and obviously thought they would get in trouble for saying something. This is not a case of hindsight 20/20.  I will be the one that says I told you so, because damn it, parents, YOU know better.  You tell your children to run from strangers.  Strangers won’t get their feelings hurt.  For one, they know better than to coax a kid into their car or home, regardless if they are a nice person or not.  All adults know that act alone is inappropriate and that anyone who witnesses such has every right to complain.  Leiby could have been lost all day and no one would have hurt him.  It wasn’t his lack of directional sense or lack of knowing which way was the right way that hurt him.  It was the simple act of trusting someone he did not know, a stranger.  That should have never been an option.  That little boy might be alive if just one parent had complained.

Very sad indeed.  Mr. Bill is going to be so pissed.


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