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Liberals Got Talent

With bigger entities, it’s a bit harder to prove Pseudos, but the principle signs and reasons for lying are still the same: to gain popularity, not to do what is morally right. And how do entities communicate an immoral message they would like to become popular? They are marketing it through the huge biased and uncensored network that we call media communications.

“It is estimated that each American is exposed to well over 2,500 advertising messages per day, and that children see over 50,000 TV commercials a year.” “We believe we’re not affected by advertising because it is so often silly, trivial, and something we don’t pay conscious attention to. We flip through ads in magazines, speed by billboards, zone out during TV commercials. That according to Jean Kilbourne, who has been studying ads’ cultural impact for almost 20 years explains why sometimes, when I’m in the drive through line, I ponder why I am again spending my money on food that is horrible for me yet again. Afterward I zoom past provocative billboard after billboard and finally, while the third commercial on the radio (owned by “Bob” the phantom rich guy who shares a  genuine compassion for us music variety lovers and who took it upon himself to pioneer a station just for me) tells me about sexual stimulants for my possibly malfunctioning genitals.  I can’t help but get a little overwhelmed as I notice I indeed don’t feel stimulated at 2:00 in the afternoon.  I feel bloated, actually and wonder if I should move or get a boob job.  Suddenly, I hear a familiar jingle and  I start feeling better about everything because I remember for some odd reason that I indeed am loving it. The average American is exposed to more than 3000 ads a day and companies spend over $200 billion each year on advertising.

In the article “Practical Advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists” by Michael Brower, PhD, and Warren Leon, PhD: “The average American is exposed to about 3000 advertising messages a day, and globally corporations spend over $620 billion each year to make their products seem desirable and to get us to buy them.” “A conservative estimate has the average American consumer exposed to more than 850 commercial messages a day.”

The simple fact is that half the time we’re communicating without being face to face which breeds bad social behavior traits like a Petri dish. A person used to be able to look at someone and usually tell if they were lying or not about certain things. In this world of inescapable, saturating, interactive communication, lying has gone beyond a trend and become a staple in our lives as a mode of survival.

The most lucrative or otherwise most popular business to be in today is by far, communications. There’s no denying that the more people who socialize the more popular it is to be popular. The celebrities have this in the bag. They possess a certain set of talents that have put them on top. This is the innate ability to read other people and tell them what they want to hear. If they are really good they can actually make themselves more like you in order to fully be on your level. It’s a gift. Some used to say “the gift of gab.” You get along with so many more people if you are able to play any part you are asked to play. If communication is king- well, then that makes them the king of kings right now.

This is the one disturbing trend that many with more conservative ideas are realizing. They are now trying to speak up too for example with the Tea Party Movement, but it is a very tough battle to win. People of the Tea Party Movement sense there is big trouble ahead, but I don’t think they fully understand the depth of the liberal secularist Left Agenda’s arsenal. The talent, by far is on the liberal secularist side. Literally people think Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are crazy conservatives leading this conservative hostility towards the President; however they’re just being singled out because they are the loudest ones out of all of us. We appointed them to speak for our cause, because for the most part, by nature, conservatives think it’s rude to be so brutally honest in public.

So while very loud liberal secularists are a dime a dozen, we only have like a handful of extremely passionate people working for the conservative right cause. That’s not something to be proud of, but it’s the truth. Sean Hannity is extremely passionate, and maybe some think he’s a little too passionate, but not me. If he’s what’s stirring the pot, then let him stir! Every valid point that he is able to get across is all that counts. He may not always be accurate, as none of us are, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Sean Hannity would not lie. The truth, to him, is too exciting! Sure people will and do try to take Mr. O’Reilly, Miss Coulter, Hannity and now Governor Palin down with accusations of overzealously, racism and indiscretions they hope will bring them down to size. But if you think about that you’ll ask yourself, what size are we trying to bring them down to? Are we bringing them down to our level? A liberal secularist’s level? Are these indiscretions only to be had by those who don’t boast conservatism or honesty? And why do they need to be brought down with attacks? We don’t like people who might be better Americans then us? We don’t want to work as hard or be as honest or as God loving as they are, so let’s just bring them down to our level so that they….what? So they forget their beliefs? Surprise, people like Palin don’t do that.

The collectivist trends or mob-like mentality can be seen as a warning sign of Pseudos entities. Whenever an entity tells you that they can provide all the services you could ever want under one roof or when they try to say it is better to combine many different entities into one, you should be wary of why and how that would actually be better for you. Wal-Mart might be the exception to this rule, however I’m sure there are thousands of closed down mom and pop shops that have a differing opinion about that.

Political watchdogs, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, have both asked why there seems to be so much viral hostility coming from both sides during this time. I can’t explain the hostility other than I think it is just a symptom of the high anxiety we all feel in regards to our crashing country. The real reason we are being divided is a change in what I call the Cultural Conscience.

The liberal left media has no answer. Their contribution is blaming the division of the country on anyone who asks hard questions. EEEEEHH! (That was my buzzer sound. Maybe I should have made a GONG sound?) Sorry lazy left wing media. You can’t just repeat what the president says! The answer is not easy and what’s causing the uproar in our country cannot simply be blamed on a few people fighting. There is something much more substantial afoot here. Although it seems that for many in the Democratic Party of today that the decisions we make should be more about loyalty to the popular team than what is actually best for the country, no matter what the cost.


Liberals Got Talent Part Dux

So it comes down to the way we think. Yep, thinking. It’s something we should do at all times, even when we’re tired. Each side, Left wingers and Right wingers have their own ideals and philosophies of life that are mainly polar opposites of each other, with some scattered gray spots in between. This should spark passion and debate on both sides feeding a fire that likely will burn eternally. This process is natural and extremely beneficial for our country as we strive to better our people and the laws by which we govern ourselves. Liberal thoughts are helpful to everyone who wants to make important life decisions in these days of uncertainty.  For example, do I want to be a pimp or a whore?

None the less, I suspect something about our ever changing culture is becoming skewed.  I like it to say it’s a change in our “cultural conscience”.  Not to get too Freud on you, but I explain it like this.  Our cultural conscience is a part of our three layer consciousness that helps us decide how we should behave in our particular society.  Like a filter function that is malfunctioning, it makes us confused about what she would get defensive about; more to the point, what we should lie about.

A good friend of mine once elloquently gave me a philosophical perspective.  He said, “When a cuttlefish changes its shape and color, it is effectively lying.. representing itself as something other than what it is in order ot elicit a desired reaction or instill a particular perception in another creature.  Just as animals might react to physical displays of (false) confidence, so do people respond to more subtle intellectual and psychological deceptions.  We may qualify these as more intricate or elaborate when acted out by humans, but are they really any different… particularly with regard to effect and affect?”

I would have to agree that we may be just innocently reacting to our environment no different than in nature.  But the difference between the animals and us is that we aren’t responding to the real dangers anymore nor are we responding with the appropriate defenses.  When complacency is rewarded we condition ourselves to think our anxiety is unwarranted and therefore unwanted.  Our natural internal defense system becomes pointless.  It’s like wearing pink camouflage.  It has no purpose except that it makes for a cuter target.

The conservatism in our culture is in danger (but not endangered) of becoming so unpopular we can’t help but hurt ourselves. In this technological boom of communication those who are the communication royalty: i.e. media owners, actors, writers, directors… you get the picture, can try and control what is popular. This is dangerous because these are people who are creative geniuses. Their job is to create fantasy. The more provocative, the better. Anyone who knows anything about the media knows the rule that “If it bleeds, it leads.” What if we started making, instigating or enabling rather, more drama in our lives because that is the kind of stimulus we’re used to. In search of more passion among each other, we have found the fastest way to get a passionate response is to instigate drama.

There are two types of people in the world.  Those who watched soap operas as a child religiously and those and those who thought soap operas were stupid.  Those who like drama and those who cannot stand it.  The avoiders of the drama and the lawyers. Isn’t that who we are really fighting here folks? We’re not actually fighting the minds of celebrities and eccentric actors.  They’re just the puppets, the players, the pretty little weapons of mass destruction.  We are up against the brain jar trust behind them.  You know, those powerful, stinking, every dramatic detail-loving lawyers hell-bent on creating their own universal laws for a fair and beautifully civilized world. Whatever that is. Picture the world where there is no brutally unfair nature like bee stings or beef, no mention of and no notion for that matter of God; only technology, only business, only workers and kings. Sounds like the Borg. Resistance is futile.

The most sensitive to this type of marketing is our youth and really all those who have a need to maintain a popular image right? Wait. Isn’t that everyone? It seems very popular these days for the Liberal and secular based media to use psychological tactics to sway our way of thinking. Right now I’m thinking that if I stay young, if I act immaturely and if I totally distrust my government, only then will I truly have achieved freedom. Wait. Should I hate my parents too? But, now, that is totally contrary to what I thought being a productive, responsible, freedom loving American adult was.

Well, now. Let’s really look at that. Let’s say now the Republicans are our parents. Republicans tend to be very protective which leads to the general feeling that we’re being taught to fear and to not think for ourselves. At least that’s what I thought when I was an immature teen who knew everything. And just like parents who spoil their kids, the Democrat parents want to give their children (The People) anything and everything that they want regardless of the consequences of doing so. They do this at any cost because they believe it will make their children (The People) like them. Or in other words, make them popular.

Popular therefore translates to what the people want. It does not necessarily mean it’s good for The People. Example: Internet usage by youth (age 12-17) is up 75% from since just the year 2000. (By the results of a new survey compiled by the Pew Internet & American Life Project) But as truly a popular celebrity and conservative, Miley Cyrus says to the youth who obsess over the internet, “It is a dangerous waste of your life.”

Some celebrities, oh, who are we kidding? Most celebrities living in Hollywood are confusing celebrity status with being popular, but that doesn’t matter. No one’s going to tell them differently. Hollywood is its own planet. Celebrities who are self -centered are prone to believe others must believe as they do or else they wouldn’t be as popular as they are. They confuse celebrity magazine with worldwide, every man’s man popularity. Many are absolutely positive that they would not be where they are today if others did not possess the same popular state of mind as they did. “Let me be the first to say that I would be thrilled if America’s health-care system is anywhere near as functional as the post office.” – Bill Maher. According to the Forbes 2010 list, a mail carrier working for the United States Post Office has one of the worst jobs in the United States. (No offence, Aunt Gloria.) I don’t know about you Bill, but I don’t think doctors want their jobs becoming one of the top ten worst occupations in America. Neither do you. They might start practicing medicine somewhere else, like in Europe. We’re told it’s luxurious there.

Bill Maher and other outspoken liberals like him are completely out of touch. But who’s going to tell him different? Ha, ha, ha. I once watched a clip of Bill Maher telling the story of how ridiculous it would look to an alien coming to our world and finding out how many people believe in Jesus. Maybe you’ve seen it? While the crowd around me stared, their mouths agape, he went on and on about how hilariously absurd the story of Jesus was whilst his host, Jon Stewart manufactured as much promotional laughter he could muster. I was shocked not just by the mocking, but by Bill Maher’s egotistical body language and how Jon Stewart was so willing to go along with the “joke.” It wasn’t even funny. If I were the Devil himself, I wouldn’t think it funny. I will sadly confess that Jon Stewart was on my list of people you can trust until that very moment. I believed, although a liberal, he possessed great intelligence, a big heart and a real grasp of what was really completely ridiculous about some of our more serious political issues.

However, after 9/11 something changed in him. I believe he was so hurt by the tragedy that it turned something inside him to anger. Now, I don’t think he knows who to blame for that anger and so it is festering into a hatred of anything or anyone that reminds him of the tragedy. Because conservatives will always remember 9/11 as Texans remember the Alamo, the battle calls over religious issues will always ring louder in Jon’s ears. He blames those who talk about it as inciting more violence. I think he believes the conservatives’ insistence on fighting about it is just the same as the violence acted upon us by terrorists. This is Pseudos.

I used to be a die-hard fan of Jon’s as I’m sure lots of Christians once were; pot smokers or not. Believe it or not, a long-long, long, long, long time ago, many of us used to actually trust the Daily Show to give them the strait scoop on the news. We liked the switch from “If it bleeds it leads.” The popularity of the Daily Show once proved its worth as a way to positively relay news to those who weren’t paying attention to world events, but has dropped from 2 million viewers a night in 2008 to about 1 million today. That sounds about right, considering probably half of his viewers considered themselves Christian conservatives who no longer hear balanced, humorously presented news anymore, but a series of cheap shots aimed at ideals they hold very dear. Apparently, not only can we be swayed by celebrity Pseudos, but celebrities as well can buy into each other’s Pseudos even when it makes them completely out of sync with their fans, the ordinary Americans.

I would just love to see someone like Charlie Sheen (one of my favorite actors, by the way) begin a speech in the small town of Fredericksburg, Texas with an “I think I speak for everyone here” speech. The laughter would be so loud I doubt he’d ever get to finish that sentence, even if he was just going to comment on the superiority of Fredericksburg sausage over any other German sausage. I mean rather than his usual anti-government rhetoric. My point is, as much as most celebrities knowingly change their personalities based on whatever the cause is they should resolve to thinking that no one can really trust them exactly for that reason. In “flyover country” as the liberal left would say. It’s not that none of them do, it’s just that it’s hard for the everyday man’s man to believe that they understand normal everyday struggles and the common man’s priorities and so therefore they should not all be expected to be taken as seriously as they think we should. Let’s just compare priority chore lists between let’s say Sean Penn with someone like my dad. Okay, let’s not. A plumber would not be taken seriously if he started talking about how heart surgeons should do heart transplants. A plumber might miraculously know what he’s talking about but how could surgeons in their right mind take his advice on what they deal with every day? That would be highly illogical. Insane even!

This goes for celebrities on the Right as well as the Left. Governor Jesse Ventura. Uh, the Crypt Keeper called and wants his hair back. I shouldn’t say that to a guy who was a Navy SEAL before there was such a thing as Navy SEALs, but I have to say I’d really like to kick his ass. He said he’d leave the country if Sarah Palin were elected President. He calls himself a patriot, but he’d leave the country be/c someone he didn’t like was elected to office. How could a soldier as tough as Jesse Ventura fold so quickly over a person such as Governor Palin? She’s not a dictator; she’s not a warlord… not a man. Maybe that’s what it’s all about? He hasn’t left because Obama is President. Does he like him better than Gov. Palin? What does she have to do to prove she can lead? Learn to wrestle underwater? Didn’t he see G.I. Jane? Sorry, I had to.

The Fallibility Factor

Hello, My Name is America and I Just Woke Up. Now, Where the Hell Am I and Why Is My Underwear On Backwards?

WAKE UP AMERICA!  We are quickly stacking up the victims of psychological warfare.  I call it Pseudos as John the Baptist and Jesus called it in the first century.  It is not a silent tactic by any means and it is certainly deadly…toxic actually, to our American culture.  It really only works on the people who loyally follow spouters of Pseudos, but if you don’t know how to recognize Pseudos when you hear it, how will you ever know how to avoid it?  So, let me just give you one little piece of advice.  You had better keep an eye on who you think is actually going to lead you out of this dark, dank, cave we are entering called cultural and financial ruin.  Everyone knows we’re heading there.  From Joe the Plumber to the Mexicans who no longer find our country an appealing place to raise their children; they no longer see an American Dream.  Yet no one really notices there is something very foul creeping, expanding, seeking-out control in our midst.  No one really wants to see the cause.  Admitting seeing it is so…discriminating, so…dirty… so incriminating.

Being categorized as Right wing or Left wing is not the goal in life here.  We have much bigger fish to fry as a country, but for some reason there seems to be a war going on about choosing one side or the other. It is brutal and full of hatred. What seems to be the trend with our lawmakers is the refusal to do what is right because it is not politically good for a particular leader.  This is apparently going to continue no matter what the people need.  From the prospective of many of our Democratic lawmakers, real, hardworking, good people have become insignificant- and almost deserving the prospective downturn in their livelihoods.  Because they are conservative they should pay.  No one believes that conservatives have already given so much that they do not need the government to take their money and give it to others.  According to most liberal opinion makers, it is not cool to have the opinion that the government isn’t worth the price. Conservatives know this to be the truth because they know whether Republican or Democrat run, the government never does anything right.  So therefor, if you translate the Pseudos here, we hear: knowing the truth about the effectiveness of the government really isn’t cool.

I don’t automatically think those who get government handouts necessarily think the opposite of conservative Republicans either.  I don’t think they all truly believe their conquering of the intricacies of welfare and food stamps is considered a special job skill.  Really, I don’t.  But welfare is never a permanent fix for anyone, no matter how they think.  So, why would leaders want to make this the government’s job and only the governments job?  Churches and religious bodies aren’t cool remember?  Liberal leaders say you can’t depend on churches because they believe religion is exclusionary. So let’s assume they get their wish and they’re all gone.  We want to make sure the government does the charity, not churches, because they only help Christians and people who promise to convert to Christianity right?  We’ll all be better off when we all we have to depend on is our government handout.  Ah, those will be good times.  Don’t laugh!  People are drinking this Pseudos laced Kool-Aid by the gallons.

I think of a frat party where the main plan is to have as many free wine coolers available as they can.  They don’t drink wine coolers but the dumb sorority girls who show up to the party do.  It never occurs to them that they are the only ones drinking and before they know it, they’re wondering why they all decided to go swimming in their only change of clothes.  Like a passed out sorority girl, we won’t have any idea what’s coming until it‘s too late.

PARENTS: Please Don’t Be So Naïve!

This morning’s follow-up report on the brutal slaying of little Leiby Kletzky leaves me a gasp.

This is so sad. Again, I hate it when I’m right. I just wrote about this just last week!  Did I not? I said parents have been telling their kids that it is inappropriate to look at strange people as “bad” people. This is a perfect example.  In this case the stranger was a monster. Do you believe me now, that monsters exist?

The report said this morning that all the kids in the neighborhood thought this man Aaron was creepy, that he used to stare at them and would frequently try to coax children into his house. NOT ONE OF THEM SAID ANYTHING TO THEIR PARENTS? Why? I’m not blaming the kids here, but the parents. Hey, I don’t live in their house, I don’t know if the parents ever taught their kids about strangers or not.  However, my theory is that they have been following the current trend which is to be politically correct even about monsters. Did these kids really think it would be better not to tell anyone about the strange behavior of the man and let it just become and urban legend?

When I was growing up, I thought my parents and the parents of my friends were a little paranoid about this, given we lived in a very safe suburb of Houston.  Still, there were creeps everywhere.  Anytime we were faced with someone we did not know we ran and told our parents.  Our parents would come out and make their presence known.  Usually, that is enough to keep strangers from coming back.  But, sometimes parents aren’t around so kids need to know it’s okay to run away- even run away screaming, rude as it might seem.  The bigger the scene the better.  My mother used to tell me that if I were ever being kidnapped by anyone to scream fire!  She said people tend to ignore little kids being dragged out of malls by mad-looking people.  If I scream fire they’ll all pay attention.  Good plan, I think.

If just one parent had listened and reported it to someone or even confronted Aaron, perhaps he would have never tried something like this.  Unfortunately it looks like the children in the neighborhood were not taught what to do in this situation and obviously thought they would get in trouble for saying something. This is not a case of hindsight 20/20.  I will be the one that says I told you so, because damn it, parents, YOU know better.  You tell your children to run from strangers.  Strangers won’t get their feelings hurt.  For one, they know better than to coax a kid into their car or home, regardless if they are a nice person or not.  All adults know that act alone is inappropriate and that anyone who witnesses such has every right to complain.  Leiby could have been lost all day and no one would have hurt him.  It wasn’t his lack of directional sense or lack of knowing which way was the right way that hurt him.  It was the simple act of trusting someone he did not know, a stranger.  That should have never been an option.  That little boy might be alive if just one parent had complained.

Very sad indeed.  Mr. Bill is going to be so pissed.

And Justice for All

Have you ever thought about the significance of making people swear on the Bible when they take an oath of office or testify in a court of law?  If it’s not the whole truth, it’s not the truth.  That’s why there is still one place we say that, in court.  So help us, God.  So, help you, Casey Anthony.   I mean, we all know most guilty people get up on the stand and say whatever it takes to keep themselves out of prison, especially those with a history of pathological lying.  Who can blame them?  If there was ever a time to use their Olympic level training in lying, it would be when they accidentally or not accidentally killed their child.  But here’s the rub.  They set up the tradition of being under oath to God during the testimony of a witness for a reason.  It was not to intimidate the judged, for surely they knew not all criminals would believe in God, it was to insure final
justice just in case the human fallibility factor caused an incorrect verdict.

The oath itself is like a call to God to make him officially a witness to the testimony.   When you swear on a Bible, you are officially saying to God you are not lying.  When most people believed in God, this oath was enough to make a jury or judge believe a person. Not so anymore,
right.  I’m here to remind you, all of you who have great hate in your heart for Casey Anthony, for all of you who wish you could take justice into your own hands, if you truly believe in God, let your heart not throw up.  You should know she will be tried again when she dies by someone who knows how to dispense justice. There are certain sins that will not be forgiven.  Among those few sins, I believe, one is when you testify to the truth in front of your peers in regards to a crime against humanity.  Of course, I have no proof.  Just like at the end of “Oh God, You Devil” there was no evidence that God was there in the courtroom, but everyone knew the truth.  It was up to each individual to decide for themselves what they saw/heard.  (Kind of like what a jury is supposed to do.)

I submit to you that you can have faith whenever our justice system fails us like we think it did on Tuesday.  Those of us who commit the
unforgivable sin of lying to God directly in front of our fellow humans, especially after having beyond a reasonable doubt something to do with killing one of them, will go to hell in a hand basket.  I don’t wish that on anyone; not even Miss Anthony.  But that’s the beauty of having faith.  I don’t have to dispense justice in this case.  It’s not my job.  You might say a Christian believes in forgiveness for everyone.  This is true, but it is not necessarily the belief of God.  Those who want forgiveness and believe, get forgiveness.  Most of these unforgivable crimes against humanity are not done by people who would ever think to ask forgiveness from God because they do not believe in anyone but themselves, so it works out.  Broken souls will go where broken souls belong…eventually.  Whether the jury can detect the truth and do justice or not for the wronged in the courtroom becomes secondary.  Once that sworn oath is taken, the believers know that God is being contracted to judge that oath taker and that really, it is the only justice that matters in the end.

The truth is …the government lies, the left lies, and the right lies.  Of, course.  We knew that. The only truth you need to worry about is that you are stuck in the middle and it’s your job to decipher what is right and what is wrong for you.  You shouldn’t need anyone to tell you what is right and what is wrong.  You need to be able to do it for yourself in an honestly valid manner.  You need to take every opportunity and every right that you have to decipher this truth for yourself.

In this country you have the freedom to choose or not to choose.  We can choose not to buy things like books and movies from murderers.  We
have the right to listen to our instincts instead of lawyers.  It is time to say goodbye to mistrust and misguided trust and say hello to a faith in our conservative traditions and logic we already have hopefully permanently interwoven into the major foundations of this great country.

Pseudos lesson: The Pseudos that is being passed on to the population is that there is no judgment day.  There will never be a time when they will be held responsible for the things they get away with on this earth.  Whatever you can get away with is now serving as the moral limit because that is what the Pseudos message is effectively conveying to people who want, more than anything, to get away with as much sin and avoid as much pain as humanly possible.

Use the Word Pseudos When Talking to a Liberal (If you have to.)

The hardest thing to deal with by far has been communicating with liberals. The forgiveness I’ve had has been drained and any reservations I had about feeding the fire fight between liberals and conservatives have been lifted. I just don’t know what to say anymore. My heart hurts. All in all, I’m thinking we should just give up on trying to do this whole communication thing, but for the moment let’s just pretend there is some “HOPE” left.

Since all of this really boils down to what you believe andhow willing you are to be honest about those beliefs, we might as well start stirring the vats. By now you have a pretty good idea what Pseudos might be. Let’s use the term itself, to call it out. It’s like pulling the “demon” out of a person who is spouting liberal antics they learned from the group. You can apply the word Pseudos to any person or entity that uses Pseudos. We should do this as often as possible. It’s better than calling liberals liars. That’s just not complicated enough for them. You’ll call, “Pseudos!” And they’ll say, “What?” Then you’ll explain, thus starting up a self-conscious conversation that is now based on the subject of being totally honest. What a novel idea.

I think it is essential to first understand the mentality of most of these people. I hate to generalize, but you know you can tell who they are. They are the ones who are most comfortable belonging to a group and are around groups of people as much as humanly possible. They are the iPhone gurus, the Facebook fanatical, and the people who twitter where they are and where they are going at all times.  The group, (not to mention the newest technical device they use) makes them feel important.

Ann Coulter has a new book coming out called Demonic which underlines the group “mob” type of behavior that occurs when these kinds of people put their minds together. She says the mob attributes of liberals mirror a crowd’s inability to perceive contradictions and its tendency to form an infatuation for an individual. (Usually, an underdog, which I discuss in other articles.) This is totally how pseudos becomes most effective. If a person cannot deal with contradictions within complicated subjects, they opt for the easiest of answers. Or I guess I should say fall for what looks like the right answer, and/or fall for the leaders who fit the bill. For example, what liberal Democrat did not truly believe that John Edward hung the moon during the Kerry/Edwards campaign? I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why people couldn’t see how he was scum of all scum deep down inside. His history, how he made his money, how he made suing doctors a sport, said it all. Why is that kind of person put on a pedestal, all major flaws ignored, and real people, with real accomplishments and complicated ideals do not “fit the bill.” For example, in the liberal’s mind, Sarah Palin cannot be a feminist or a good person because she is both a woman and a Republican. They believe the only woman leader is a feminist leader, number one. And to be a feminist, one must first be a liberal and second, be for abortion. There is no in-between. Never mind that if she had aborted her last child she would have been burned at the stake by both feminists for special needs children and the anti-abortionists.

There is also the weird irony that Sara Palin seemingly can’t be trusted by liberals even though thanks to liberal reporting we now know every last detail about her down to how many stitches she got in her chode after the last child birth, I think. Okay, hopefully not, but you get my drift. Is there anything in her past worth fussing about? I mean, at all? Obama has a fraction of the criticism as well as a fraction of the personal information available through the liberal media that Sara Palin does.

How is this possible? I’ll tell you. He is, with all due respect to the President of my country, not a complicated person. He is a puppet by all senses of the word. He fits the bill for the liberal group. He in no way, makes the powers of the liberal group feel inferior, because they believe he is inferior to them and will do their bidding at will. This is what the liberal agenda is all about. This is why the liberal media continues to root for the underdog and will continue to encourage the rewarding of the underdog even if they are not working to deserve the win. May I remind everyone that the whole point of rooting for an underdog is the romantic feeling you get at the end of the race because you knew they worked harder than anyone else to get where they wanted. Not so with Obama. Not so with Edwards. Not so with Weiner. Not so with Pelosi. Conservatives tend not to worship idols. They expect leaders to work like slaves just like the rest of us.

A liberal world community has formed a very strong presence in today’s society, mostly thanks to those in the Democratic Party who have realized the media is the way to control what the people think about them. Bill Clinton was the first to realize that dominating radio must be a collective goal of the Democratic Party. He realized this when he heard his mother in-law was listening to Rush Limbaugh without really knowing who he was. Since then, the many different genres of media have been saturated with liberals’ funding and liberal minded talent. If you think of us all as a block or as a closer knit community as far as the information we share goes, we can see how we are more reliant upon this technology and media. We look to others more readily to see what we should do for ourselves. Unfortunately, technology and media can’t help you make a common sense decision in a crunch; especially if they aren’t around anymore, right? They can’t help you see the truth for yourself if it was tattooed on your coffee steward’s forehead.

This country is a big bad-ass plane that we all need to board as we travel forward into an already turbulent and unknown future. Ann Coulter, among others, has put a magnifying glass up to our war plane’s engine block and she is exposing the seemingly invisible cracks. We may look like we could rule the sky, but when you really choose to look a little more closely you’ll see we are going to crash and burn if we ever have to take off. I completely agree with this type of uninhibited, unapologetic exposure and am ready for people to thus find that psychological weapons, like Pseudos work best among crowds with these mob-like behavioral/mental weaknesses. This kind of behavior is the exact opposite of the people who founded this country. Do you think Thomas Jefferson had a problem appreciating the in between of black and white? Do you think he ever had a thought that did not stem from the very depths of uncertainty?

If you let the group decide what you want, you’re basically saying you would let any one of them think for you. Unless, everyone in the group belongs to MENSA or something, I’m not willing to take that risk. Actually, in the groups I’m talking about, no one from MENSA is allowed, because any person smart enough to be in MENSA certainly would make others feel inferior and that is not what the group wants. The group wants to feel good about itself, regardless if those individuals in the group are feeling good. The group is stupid, ignorant, naïve and the superiors of the group like it that way!

In my book, the way you win the game of “real life” is to not go with what the group wants even as you get more and more popular the “group” or “mob” is rarely right. Just a warning, smart people, or those who think for themselves are usually negatively labeled right off the bat, most often as “nerds”, and excluded from the group. Maybe it could sometimes be because of personal hygiene but, usually it’s because they are too smart.

Pseudos is everywhere because mainly, a disturbing trend among the mob is to alsoexclude complicated truths. These truths may include basics about where we come from, where we are headed as a country, and what a family means. You know, basically anything that has anything and everything to do with Christianity and/or religion. These truths also include advice to women, as any advice given by a man or a woman who respects men, or a person who points out inherent differences between men and women is seen as sexist and certainly not feminist. These truths also include warnings against bad people. You don’t dare tell a young beautiful girl not to go to New York or L.A. to pursue her destiny. Never mind that she has no skills and that she’ll be willing to sell her soul for a place to stay and a bite to eat within a week. Never mind that there are actual slave traders alive and well, just waiting for the next desperate girl to fall into their clutches. Yes, let’s never mind that girls are vulnerable and need protection. There, I said it. They should not be given make-up and high heels at five years old. Are you listening Tom Cruise?  How about instead of printing logos on the butt cheeks of their little pants, why not just print a target? It’s getting easier and easier for people who hunt the innocent as they are but a figment of some paranoid parent’s imagination, right? Only the paranoid believe evil, accidents, and natural disasters actually happen in real life, right. Not just in the movies or in Twilight. For example, I have heard many a mother comment to other mothers about how their children should act when they encounter strangers. While they absolutely refuse to let their children ride the bus for fear of what kind of person may actually want to drive children to school every morning at the butt-crack of dawn, they say they tell their kids just because a strange person is technically a “stranger” it does not mean they are bad people and therefore the children should always act in a respectful/friendly manner towards them (the stranger) no matter what they look like. What ever happened to never, never talk to strangers?! “Hey mommy, that guy looks like a pedophile.” “Shhhh, Billy.” Mommy scowls. “Now go give that sweaty man a hug and say you’re sorry.”

We have chosen to decide for ourselves what kind of family we want, what kind of country we as individuals want, and exactly to what extent we are responsible for that. What we haven’t decided is, well, exactly how do we get that? How do we do that while still maintaining a respectful manner to everyone in the whole goddamn universe? We have lots of ideas that probably won’t work and won’t actually be executed anyway. In the meantime we do nothing in pursuit of those wants because we have something of a handicap when it comes to self-control and creating enough margin in our lives to buffer/survive in the stressful real world we conservatives like to call Earth. Most of us don’t know how to even recognize when we’re living on the edge until for many of us it’s too late. We don’t save anything. We don’t fix anything. We waste everything. Well, almost everything. We save and recycle garbage. My point is, we have found ourselves filled to the brim with information we are told is important. We do the things we are told are important, by people who want to be important themselves.

They rebel against the old, whether you are a man, woman or train of thought. Those old-school things don’t apply to us, now that we are more “advanced”. Old people just don’t understand anything do they? I don’t know. They are the only ones who know how to do some of the things that we once thought were important. If they’re gone who will teach us stuff? I don’t know, stuff like driving instead of typing on a miniature keyboard while your 3,000 lb. hybrid tries to make it to its next overdo oil change.

And all of these things that we do to keep our mind off such a troubled world leave little room for actually doing anything about the troubled world. I expect soon there will be an app. you can purchase from the App Store that will allow you to have your own personal jackass plan your every move. OR in a fitting piece of blasphemy they’ll invent a “What would Jesus do?” app. just to see if they could make an enormous, ironic stack of cheese off it. Sure they’ll take it off the market once thecontroversy wanes and profits begin to dwindle. Then what will you do.? When the jokes over, what is left, but a long awkward pause.

What’s left is a void of real social despair. No, I don’t mean like when Paris runs out of Valtrex or when P-Diddy can’t come up with a new name that rhymes with pee. I mean when people start getting hurt and the time for doing something to prevent it or even cure it has passed us by for good. It’s like the Nothing from the movie Then Never Ending Story sucking up and vaporizing every last particle of faith and imagination. Nothing is what is left and Pseudos is the prevailing falseness that fills the space. The Greek word Pseudos was a word understood and used in the first century for different types of deceptions. Specifically, using what the people believe to be the truth to communicate deception. Are we willing to work harder to find good leaders who will save us from ourselves? Are we willing to choose the hard way and complicated leaders with complicated (working) plans? No more rooting for the underdog because he makes us feel good about ourselves? Arewe really willing to do that?

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”. — Thomas Edison