Deciphering the truth in a culture of false.

What is Pseudos (pronounced: Soo DOS )

I see that in many cases, breaks in the patterns of reality in people, movies, history and politics can be indeed a sign of something innovative, but in extreme or radical cases of skew, it is always a sign of things gone awry.

As it did for many hard core Americans such as myself the tragedies that occured on September 11, 2001 rocked my world.  I never felt hatred for the culprits as mainly I just remembering knowing things were bad and about to get a lot worse.  For years I had been piecing together theories of why and how a shift in moral compromise could be so wide-spread and at the same time so tolerated by the majority. I finally saw the reality, the truth if you will, behind the unconformity I was picking up around me.  There were people who would go to any length to change everything about America and what it stands for.  This includes sabotage and a veil of distraction so obtuse, so flagrent, so well funded, that no one would believe it if they saw it with their own eyes.

Then I heard a Greek Word I had never heard before in my life. Pseudos.  Pseu as in Sue.  Dos as in the computer language.  It means to lie using the truth.  John uses it in the Bible to describe certain people and events that involved lies and quite obviously had some historical significance.  Suddenly, I knew there was something to the widespread lying phenomena we were experiencing today and not just my delusional paranoia. I realized there was a word that connected the deed to the doer and the doer to the motive, in context. This literally meant others in history had recognized this same type of lying phenomena and because it was so destructive, had a word for it.

Maybe no one realizes it, or maybe everyone is just moving in a stampede like fashion where your only choice is to go with the flow or be trampled below, but something oh yes, something, has gone terribly awry.

“The 48 (Johnson) ran into the 38 (Sadler) and I ran into them. That was an accident and accidents happen. We’re all together so it’s hard to miss something when you’re going so fast. You can turn left, but the car is still going straight. It’s just frustrating.”        
                                                          -Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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