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Christians Are a Nice Sweet Meat: Thoughts about tearing into religion this holiday season?

Hopefully you won’t be reading or watching much political mess this Thanksgiving, but to keep you up to speed let me give you a quick lesson in pseudos and then show you how that applies to even our most precious of happy times, our holidays.   

The following are blatantly false, generalized statements that were actually published giving the illusion that they were written by someone with a brain.  All were written by Linda Seger of the Huffington Post.  Pseudos Lesson #3:  The Huffington Post part is a dead giveaway that she, in actuality, does not have a brain.  Ms. Seger is most popular for her insistence that the reason blacks do not hold an equal amount of seats in government, as CEO’s and at NASA, is because the rich white man still has an intentional and absolute strangle hold on the black race.  Whether she is correct in her assumptions or not, that is not her goal.  Don’t think for a second her goals are that lofty.  The Pseudos underlying message that she spouts is aimed at preparing us to mistrust all major companies and government organizations run by rich, white men.  I just want to give you a warm up example of how some people would like us to give up on some things we really like, like civility.   I don’t think I have to explain the Pseudos present here in the following statements. 

Pseudos Statement #1

 “A number of conservative (usually rich) Republicans have said that discrimination is a thing of the past, and that we should cut all affirmative action programs. In many cases, conservatives don’t see the social structures that keep problems in place, but see problems as individual problems.” and “Those who haven’t been discriminated against, don’t think it exists.”- Linda Seger

Pseudos Statement #2  

“Conservative Christians often say that these have to be solved through repentance and through becoming more “Christian”.   This is often their answer to every problem and it’s easy to see that this Christian administration (G.W. Bush admin.) is no proof of this approach.” – Linda Seger

Pseudos Statement #3

 “Liberals and Progressives are more often apt to deal in complexity. They want to research, to try to figure out the causes, to try to figure out what can be done to fix it. They often see that the problem exists because of social structures, not because of the lack of ability of various genders or races.” – Linda Seger

What the underlying messages in these statements really say to us:

1.            We should give up on being against racism because unless you have been a victim of racism you don’t know what it feels like and therefore you don’t know what you are talking about.  If we are born wealthy and white we should succumb to being racist.  End of discussion.

2.            There is no proof that things improve through trial and error.  We never learn anything that way.  We also never catch any more flies with honey.  All that love thy neighbor as if you would want to be loved is all hooey.  Being more giving, more teacher than check writer, more selfless and Christ-like has rarely worked out for anyone.  So, let’s give up on being like that too.

3.            Believers in God are simpletons and therefore should not be invited to discussions of important complex issues.  They tend to simplify things and the goal here as everyone knows is to complicate things.  However, we don’t want to complicate social issues with any factual, possibly “profiling” details such as gender, age, race, and religion or citizenship status when looking for a solution to problems.  So from now on can we please refer to each other only as the number we will be soon issued by our government…because we live in China now.  AAAAH!  When did we move to China?   

My interpretation of her Pseudos is harsh, but it is what she is saying.   I know I’m just a housewife and she is a brilliant writer, but I know when I’m being f’d over.  That’s what housewives know best as a matter of fact. 

If you think you are basically a good person and you try hard for your family, don’t for a minute let someone who believes in nothing tell you anything.  You take those Pollyanna traits you stuffed way deep down inside after the 80’s ended and flaunt them again.  Don’t wear the big lacey collar and big bow or anything, but don’t be ashamed of being nice.  Don’t question yourself about who these people say who you believe to be your neighbor and who you treat as such.  They don’t know you and they don’t have a clue about who actually runs this country.  Her message is of the classic Pseudos nature and is intended to make me feel like shit about myself and my country.  This holiday season, some people will be out in force to make you feel terrible about where you are from, what you believe and what you do with your money.  Why on earth would anyone want to hurt little ol’ us?  The truth is I don’t know.  I do know that there are some people who just want us to get in line so that they can experience what they refer to as real power.  When you submit to this way of negative thought you are just feeding their experience, their kingdom.  Your kingdom is not your own, therefore you have no kingdom.

I invite you to experience your own perfect holiday kingdom by truly enjoying the people and things closest to you.  Pretend you are the Queen or King and that you will bestow benevolence to all whom you come in contact with.  The holidays are an excellent excuse to try and do things differently than you normally would.  I dare you to try and really experience not just Christmas, but Thanksgiving and the New Year as well.  Really try to be nice to everyone you come in contact with.  Appreciate something about someone you have no reason to.  Read my thoughts on the following and make a choice about whether or not to get bogged down in what you know about the holidays or in contrast, what you really want to experience during them.   

The following are some points about our culture I really think we should all be more honest about.  And some other things we know are the truth given the times we live in…

Religion pushes both liberally thinking and conservative thinking people away.  Though for liberals, it totally freaks them out and understandably so.  But, Christianity, according to the Bible should not do that.  That’s right.  Bible beating is okay if you don’t beat someone else’s Bible or try to make them beat yours.  Okay, that didn’t come out exactly right. 

There are the conservatives who work very hard and have become very successful on their own so they tend to not like the idea of giving up so much control and time, not to mention money.  Some more liberal thinkers, who are naturally prone to want to think out of the box, don’t like the idea of not knowing… Well, that’s about it.  They just don’t like the idea of not knowing everything, period.  

Then there are the people whose parents were overbearing, overprotective, maybe very religious or not, and who therefore tend to veer away from religion for the fear of being imprisoned again by pointless rules.  So many of my generation grew up with overprotective parents and never saw one lick of verification that all that protection was necessary.  They never personally saw war; never even suffered a natural disaster.  In a way, compared to our grandparents who in many ways had to “grow up early,” due to war and depression, we haven’t “had” to grow up at all.  Our parents placed us smack dab in the safest, most boring places on Earth for a reason.  But now that safety seems kind of like a sprawling pointless prison.

That’s how many people see religion, further, a church as a voluntary prison.  Some people therefore tie the holidays into that as well.   But that is looking at religion all wrong.  The very truest basics of the majority of all religions are not rules to imprison a person, but to keep them alive.  Just look at the kosher laws of Judaism.  These are meant to protect the human from bacteria and other diseases that come from unclean practices.  Their practice is not just a sign of subservience alone, but rather a practice done in gratitude and necessity.  Some people want you to believe that religion is the root of all evil instead of a mechanism for keeping us from bringing evil upon ourselves because of our inherent humanness.  God knows we can’t help but mess up.  The holidays help us forgive ourselves for that by giving us a chance to do something about it.  We let ourselves be a little less prideful and self-loathing.  We can’t let anyone take that from us.  We’d all go crazy- or maybe that’s the goal.

The holidays are the newest way to pseudosically send messages of secularism (anti-God) and anti-Americanism.  Some people truly do not want the traditional celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas to continue.  They will tell you those believers don’t really believe and that if there was anything Christ-like about Thanksgiving or Christmas that those traditions are long gone.  Basically, their main pseudos message is that there is no point in trying to recreate those traditional feelings because they were made up under false pretenses. 

I’ll tell you what the point of trying is. 

Once people come to appreciate people who believe in Christ, even if they themselves do not believe, religions of all types become more readily appreciated.  Quite the opposite of becoming more close minded and intolerant as secularists would have you believe.  Coincidentally, once you practice looking for the pseudos in people, things and events, you start to notice something else, the truly good in people, things and events.  Practicing this will make your experience the most true and most memorable in all situations every day. 

They say there is a particular road map you must follow to gain eternal life in Heaven, but it has nothing to do with whether or not you are Catholic, Buddhist, Baptist or Jehovah Witness.  Christmas and Thanksgiving are likewise celebrations of Jesus himself and being Christian like to each other.  Nothing more, nothing less.    For those of you who are already confused, the Native Americans were also acting Christian-like even though they were not Christians.    It was not just the Pilgrims who acted Christian like.  That’s what made it work.  That’s what made the event special.  If you want me to say the Pilgrims acted more Native-American/Christian like I will.   Stick with me, guys.   I’m just trying to make a point here.  Jesus said there is, but one church… His.  So, should we associate any particular religion and therefore its faults as a religious body with the simple original intentions of celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas or the New Year?  We often struggle to follow Christ’s example of extravagant grace, but does that mean we should just give up and shred the last ounce of random kindness we get out of people during the holiday season for the sake of political correctness?  The last I heard, political correctness didn’t die for all of humanity.  Here’s a suggestion.  Let’s not do that.    

Let me tell you a little story about John Adams and the first agreements our forefathers made together.  Mr. Glen Beck tells this story too, I believe.  It’s a good one. 

While our forefathers were struggling to come up with the Declaration of Independence for this country it was suggested that they open the first meeting of the Continental Congress with prayer.  The men in the room began to murmur to each other and huff as they were of all different kinds of religions.  The Catholic thought he could not pray with an Episcopalian and the same went for many others who bore religious inhibitions and differences.   The future president thought as the bonds that drew this crowd together began to unravel, this could be their very first act together as a working God fearing free nation or their very first failure.  The sermon of George Whitfield was recalled by John Adams.  It went something like this:

“Father Abraham, are there any Presbyterians in heaven? The answer came back, no.

Father Abraham, are there any Episcopalians in heaven? No.

Are there any Quakers or Baptists or Methodists in heaven? No, none.

So then Whitefield asked, Father Abraham, who is in heaven?

The answer came back: Christians.  This story moved the men to pray together regardless of the minor differences in their Christian beliefs.  In that first trusting sentiment, they agreed to disagree, strengthening them into a force capable of winning independence from Great Britain.  Bet you didn’t want to think of the 4th of July as a religious holiday too, but oh, well!  Welcome to America, Jack!      

There are many hundreds of thousands of good people out there that you may never identify as being Christian or identify them as practicing any one type of religion.  This is because according to the Bible, one’s heart must be open to receive the message of God.   People can’t talk turkey about God with each other unless they’re ready to talk Turduckin‘.  It’s deep and very rich.  The truth is, some people either can’t handle it or just plain don’t like it.  Whether through the need of help or need of answers, the door to receive an understanding of God must be open.  You can’t just go around telling people about what you believe if they don’t want to hear about it.  Why do you think I had to self-publish? 

Thanksgiving is upon us and I can’t help but think of how much we’ve grown accustomed to glazing over Thanksgiving Day.  We call it Turkey Day or the day before Black Friday.  How Ironic is it that the new holiday we celebrate and probably prepare more for be called “Black Friday”.  We go straight from Halloween to Christmas these days and all we have to show for it in the end are some enormous ass bills and a huge dose of buyer’s remorse.  Or maybe that’s just last year. 

In the case of Thanksgiving Day, we teach our kids more about the hardships the Native Americans suffered decades after the Pilgrims came than the actual sharing of knowledge and friendship that led to the survival of those brave people and therefore the future of our country.   The story is still there, but it is jaded and heavy with exposition.  Somehow our celebrating the actual history of Thanksgiving is now a superficial celebration of the white man.  The less guilty option: Turkey Day.  The horrors to befall the Native Americans during the growth of this country will never be forgotten and probably never ever forgiven.  Ever-ever.  And rightfully so.  Isn’t that exactly why we need to make sure we uphold the one holiday we have where we celebrate needing to be true to the religion we practice whether Pilgrim or Native.  We have to teach each other how we can get along with each other so that we may reside in this land we call America together forever in peace.  We will all need each other again at some point, so let’s start practicing that again.  We’ll start again this Thursday, a day we Americans call Thanksgiving Day.  A day we thank God we had enough balls to have respect and love for those we had no reason to love or respect. 

So, you want an example of Pseudos being used to diminish the importance of the Christmas holiday too?  The Pseudos message is that Christians adopted or stole (whatever makes you feel better) a pagan holiday and called it Christmas.  Well, that’s true, they did steal it, but do you want to know why?  Not if you’re an atheist, I guess, but I’ll tell you anyway.  December 25th is a great day to celebrate on for several reasons.  Pagans felt this way because it is a very powerful day in the universe astrologically and metaphysically.  I guess since astrology and metaphysics take math skills to figure out and those who believe in God are supposed to not understand complicated math, secularists must have naturally thought Christians didn’t know this.  The position the earth is in during that day is called the winter solstice which is an astrophysical phenomenon not just a day for doing pagan rituals.  Spiritual leaders of many different faiths say the spirits in all of the universe celebrate spiritual birth on this day.  Why shouldn’t we?  Furthermore, the pagan rituals which Christians adopted are all appropriate for celebrating the birth of Christ as well as nature and all that He represents.  So if you think Christmas is just Christians being hypocritical pagans, you’d be one who is believing the Pseudos.  And for the record, there is nothing un-Christian about Santa Clause.  He’s a saint for Christ’s sake!

Also, if you have doubts about why, if Christmas is to be about Jesus’ birth, do we seemingly superficially and gluttonously buy so many presents, cheap decorations, etc.  Well, the answer is simple.  Blessings are so much better when they are celebrated.  People are able to get more bang for their buck these days and let’s face it.  Things have gotten a bit gaudy.  HOW WONDERFUL!   If someone gives you a gift of money do you have more fun spending it on bills or would it be better enjoyed treating your friends to the movies with popcorn and all the goodies they could stand?  I hope you are thinking the latter, you big Scrooge!

I know many of you will be giving to or volunteering for your favorite charities and that is something that should be a part of all our traditions.  However, don’t let yourself get pulled too thin and ragged to spend quality love on your close friends, neighbors and family.  Think about all the good you do and be happy with yourself.  Here’s the secret: when you practice looking for the Pseudos in the things, people and events that bombard you every day, you begin avoiding a lot of headaches.  You are learning to discern for yourself and for your family what is truly bad for you.  Something else happens too.  When you are able to pick out the Pseudos, you have inadvertently strengthened your ability to see the truly good in things, people and events that are pertinent to you and your future. 

This Thanksgiving, thinking about what you want and don’t have is the very best way to ruin your holiday.  I heard a wise man say that recently.  And the easiest way to have the best holiday is to think about what you do have and be thankful for it.  You don’t have to keep it simple this year, just love thy neighbor because the holidays themselves are simply about that.


What is Pseudos (pronounced: Soo DOS )

I see that in many cases, breaks in the patterns of reality in people, movies, history and politics can be indeed a sign of something innovative, but in extreme or radical cases of skew, it is always a sign of things gone awry.

As it did for many hard core Americans such as myself the tragedies that occured on September 11, 2001 rocked my world.  I never felt hatred for the culprits as mainly I just remembering knowing things were bad and about to get a lot worse.  For years I had been piecing together theories of why and how a shift in moral compromise could be so wide-spread and at the same time so tolerated by the majority. I finally saw the reality, the truth if you will, behind the unconformity I was picking up around me.  There were people who would go to any length to change everything about America and what it stands for.  This includes sabotage and a veil of distraction so obtuse, so flagrent, so well funded, that no one would believe it if they saw it with their own eyes.

Then I heard a Greek Word I had never heard before in my life. Pseudos.  Pseu as in Sue.  Dos as in the computer language.  It means to lie using the truth.  John uses it in the Bible to describe certain people and events that involved lies and quite obviously had some historical significance.  Suddenly, I knew there was something to the widespread lying phenomena we were experiencing today and not just my delusional paranoia. I realized there was a word that connected the deed to the doer and the doer to the motive, in context. This literally meant others in history had recognized this same type of lying phenomena and because it was so destructive, had a word for it.

Maybe no one realizes it, or maybe everyone is just moving in a stampede like fashion where your only choice is to go with the flow or be trampled below, but something oh yes, something, has gone terribly awry.

“The 48 (Johnson) ran into the 38 (Sadler) and I ran into them. That was an accident and accidents happen. We’re all together so it’s hard to miss something when you’re going so fast. You can turn left, but the car is still going straight. It’s just frustrating.”        
                                                          -Dale Earnhardt Jr.