Deciphering the truth in a culture of false.

The Anti-Pseudos

What is an honest American?

Honest people are not without dissatisfaction of their outward appearance.

They are not without self doubt

They are not without weaknesses

They are not without a desire to be liked

They are not without indiscretions

They are not without lies completely

They know right from wrong and will do right by friend, family or stranger

They know respect is earned not bought

People You Can Trust

(They are listed in no particular order.)

Key: * = trustworthy, not always right but will tell you when he/she is wrong

** = totally trustworthy, always right

*Any WWII Veteran- Please ask them to tell you a story. Any story and hurry. There aren’t many left.

*Niecy Nash- A gifted natural counselor. She is also a perfect example of a “strait talker.” She unexpectedly exemplifies what it is to be a proactive, yet grounded actress and caring American.

**Colonel David Hunt- If you want to know the rules of fighting like a man, and want to listen to someone who will never go astray due to political persuasion, this is your guy. He fought for this country for 29 years as a soldier, and still he fights for you every day.

*Glenn Beck- Very honest man, (definitely too honest). He is a very emotionally driven person and making decisions based solely on emotions lead people to make mistakes. The great thing about Beck is that I think he knows all too well how a life driven by wants and emotions leads to poor decisions and a poor life. Emotion puts the ass in passion. Let’s hope Mr. Beck keeps leading with his head and keeps his passion for conveying hard to stomach points that really need to be heard by people who would otherwise tune him out. He must be on to something because the liberal left is terrified of him. That is some achievement.

*Bono- Very aware that gifts from God are precious. He’s a celebrity that really has done more for the world than EVERYONE in our current President’s administration combined. He’s been, knighted, honored and nominated for the Nobel Peace prize too…twice…and deserved it! “His rare ability to effectively straddle the spheres of both entertainment and politics remains rivaled by few in the realm of popular culture, and his determination to change the world for the better continues to inspire millions on both sides of the political divide.” (Maddy Fry,

*Sandra Bullock-her reputation as a non-Hollywood, stand up human being should be appreciated and taught to all our little actors and actresses who just want to be movie stars when they grow up.

**Bernard “Bernie” Goldberg- I don’t know what it is about this guy. His predictions are always right. He’s just always right on the money about modern issues and where we are headed as a country because of them.

*Sean Hannity-Passionate about his country. A great role model in the land of false idols.

**Michio Kaku-too smart to argue with. Just listen.

**Charles Krauthammer-always right Charles for President.

*Rush Limbaugh- Rush is a superb entertainer and a conservative which makes him the arch enemy of most celebrities and his competition, all liberal radio hosts. Otherwise, he’s a motivator and a hero. You can bet he tells the truth, except he does it with humor, vigor and intelligence instead of drama. And like Beck you can trust him even more, because he has suffered the indiscretions and hardships of the common man. He has made mistakes and made the correct choices at the hardest times in order to pull his ass out of the fire. Pulling ones own ass out of the fire using honesty and living to talk about it gives one great confidence in being honest. That’s what “and the truth shall set you free”(John 8:32) means. That John knows his stuff.

**Michelle Malkin- This chick knows exactly what’s going on and she’s not afraid to tell.

*Dennis Miller- He uses humor and intelligence to tell the truth rather than drama.

*Ted Nugent- Totally insane, but brutally honest.

*Bill O’Reilly-not always right but will tell you when wrong.

**Jack Welch-always right. Been around a block or two.

*Sarah Palin- too early to tell but so far totally honest and forthright. Sarah Palin is sincere and intelligent, but needs to really be seriously boning up on facts and info if she is to be a serious candidate in the future. Unlike her opponents she has to be infallible to sell herself. Best of luck to her on that. The best part about Sarah Palin is that she knows how to go with the flow even when great power and heavy responsibilities are bestowed upon her.

*Megyn Kelly- A firecracker willing to dig deep into any situation she’s handed. She’s a brain as well as a patriotic fighter for what’s good for every American. A true Pseudos fighter. Megyn Kelly for VP.

**Stephen Hillenburg, creator of SpongeBob Squarepants- No, I’m not kidding. I know, I just lost about two-thirds of you. Hey, the kiddos have to have someone to trust too! I’ve watched and I’ve learned and I’ll tell you what. 99% of the children’s cartoons out there are not appropriate for young children. SpongeBob really is an exception to that rule. The writing is brilliantly entertaining and strongly morally based. Surprised? I was too. Believe me. I was a hugely skeptical of it until forced to watch it. In celebration of learning what Pseudos is all about in a fun and uplifting manner, I urge you to watch a wonderful metaphor for Pseudos in the third season’s episode called “Chocolate With Nuts” (Please don’t sue me Nick.)


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